What if you could be happier now?

With your career and yourself

Just imagine.

Waking up refreshed thinking about what you love. Not worrying about work. Not looking at emails.

Giving yourself that headspace. No more rushing.

Feeling confident that you’re doing the right thing at work and in your life.

Having a sense of purpose for what you’re doing.

Whether it be for your job, your own development, or helping people you care about

…family, friends, your team, colleagues.

No more guilt. 

Your bigger picture guides your decisions and actions.

If you face office politics or aggressive people, you know how to stay calm and be empathetic.

You cope with your anxiety and stress in healthy ways now.

You don’t push it down or ignore it. 

You’ve left your hectic lifestyle and moved into one you feel passionate about.

Program Overview

Your Bigger Picture is a coaching program designed to help you get clear on where you’re going in your career and your life, why you’re going there, and how you’re going to make it happen. All, while having ways to manage anxiety and stress along the way. 

You’ll get to

Bullet Point  Envision the future you really want for yourself

Bullet Point  Create a clear map to make forward progress

Bullet Point  Take doable steps to make your vision a reality

Bullet Point  Become calmer as you work through the day-to-day

Bullet Point  Elevate the thinking that goes into making decisions

Bullet Point  Make decisions more confidently and easily

Bullet Point  Focus on what makes the most difference at work

Bullet Point  Find quiet time to pause and focus on the bigger things

Bullet Point  Create much needed headspace 

Bullet Point  Increase your satisfaction with the current situation

Plus a lot more.

This program is a private one-on-one experience where you’ll get a 3-part learning series to understand how to make change easier, 3 fun self-reflection activities, 4 focused sessions to make forward progress, and a weekly accountability process to help you stay on track.

It’s about a 10 hour investment of time between self-guided work and one-on-one Skype sessions.

I’ll share with you a simple and short meditation practice to use throughout the program.

And, after the last session, I’ll send you weekly bite-size practices for three months to hep you relax and expand your normal thinking. 

All new participants will begin their programs September 2018 with an estimated duration of 3 months or less.

Here’s how the program unfolds.

Program Registration Closes on November 15, 2018








Learning Series: Deepen Your Understanding

Want to know the stuff no one tells you that helps making change in your life easier? 

In three short videos, I’ll share with you the easiest way to navigate a change, how you’ll experience it, and how to show up differently and broaden your thinking patterns. You’ll have a few questions to respond to and actions to turn your ahas into action.

Total Time: 1 hour (view videos and prepare responses)

Reflection: Gain Self-Awareness

In combination with the learning series, I’ll share 3 fun self-reflection activities. You’ll need to set aside a couple hours to complete them. This work is essential to setup the rest of the program well. It’s a great opportunity to get to know yourself better and be creative. 

Total Time: 2 hours (read and complete activities)

Session 1: Create a Stable Foundation

When’s the last time you stepped back and checked your direction? 

Building your bigger picture relies on a wider view across all areas of your life and being clear about what you value. So, we’ll focus on three important things – setting a baseline, getting clear on your core life areas and values, and the initial blueprint for the way forward. 

Total Time: 1 hour one-on-one session (over Skype)

Session 2: See Yourself and Your Big Picture

We’ll concentrate on how you show up in the world with a calm confident, and courageous mindset. This will give you a very special personal practice to visualizing future experiences in a way that you feel passionate about.

Next, you’ll build out your bigger picture and beyond with clear, doable steps to make it happen.  

Total Time: 2 1/2 hour one-on-one session (over Skype)

Session 3: Manage Your Emotions and Energy

You can easily run yourself down by repressing emotions and overly focusing on work. 

What’s needed are healthy coping mechanisms. You’ll learn how to work through emotional stress from things like anxiety, constant worrying, and perfectionism. I’ll walk you through meditation, visualization, and reframing practices that’ll help you relax while you get things done. 

Total Time: 2 1/2 hour one-on-one session (over Skype)

Session 4: Make Forward Progress

This program is about action not theory. You’ll brief me on your progress and we’ll work together to identify new opportunities to move closer to your bigger picture and how to move past any obstacles. 

I won’t let you go down the rabbit hole. I’ll be there to stay on top of where you’re at. 

Total Time: 1 hour one-on-one session (over Skype)

What You’ll Get

Bullet Point Educational videos giving insight into your behavior

Bullet Point  Baseline personal assessment and progress tracker

Bullet Point  Practical ways to create mental space

Bullet Point  Real-time visualization and meditation practice

Bullet Point  Simple tools to check and shift your mindset

Bullet Point  A method for managing uneasy feelings and situations

Bullet Point  Clear map forward with actionable steps

Bullet Point  An accountability process

Bullet Point  Access to a coach you can tell anything to

Bullet Point  Guidance on how to coach yourself


This is for you
if you’re

Ready to fully commit

Want to talk things through

Can make time for it

Open to meditation

Love to learn

Leading others 


And, not
if you’re

Too busy to focus fully

Not able to open up

Not ready to put aside the time

Want a quick fix

Averse to meditation

Attached to your worst case scenario




How to Move Forward

If you’re like me a few years ago, hiring an external coach may be a very new thing.

I care that this is as calming an experience for you as possible.

It’s important you’re comfortable with the whole process including the investment you’re making in yourself.

These are the steps to move forward.


Apply for the program.

I’ll thoughtfully review your application. 

Expect a response back within 1-2 business days.

I’ll arrange a 1-hour free session with you to better understand how to support you best. 

It’s important that this is a good fit and we’ve got the right chemistry. 

If we’re comfortable we’re a good fit after the free session, I’ll give you access to schedule out your 4 one-on-one sessions. 

Payment will be due at this time. 

I’ll pass along the learning series and the 3 fun self-reflection activities to get the program started off well.

You’ll complete this part of the program in advance of the first one-on-one session.

In total, the learning series and reflection activities will take about 3 hours. 


How You’ll Stay Accountable

Once we begin working together, we’ll engage in a weekly accountability process.

I’ll share a framework for exchanging regular updates.

And, I’ll be available for short calls upon request.

Keep in mind these statistics from the American Society for Training and Development.

The likelihood of you completing a goal is about 10% when you hear an idea, 25% when you consciously decide to adopt an idea, 40% when you decide when you’ll do it, 50% when you plan how you’ll do it, 65% when you commit to someone else you’ll do it, and 95% when you have a specific accountability appointment with the person you’ve committed to.

If you’re on time with all your updates, expect a special completion bonus to celebrate your commitment. 

Got Questions?

Please reach out to me at jennifer@jenniferleon.com. I’ll respond within 1-2 business days. 


Program Fees


One Payment



Three Monthly Payments



The impact of this program will last a life-time.

Much different than paying airfare to go to Japan, buying a new Burberry coat, or picking up a Celine bag. 

I care that you’re fully satisfied because this is an important investment. 

I’ll refund your payment after Session 1 if you’re not. 

All you need to do is share your feedback on what worked and didn’t.

No further questions will be asked.


Program Registration Closes on November 15, 2018








Who You’ll Be Working With

Jennifer León

Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

Hello. I’m a life coach and formerly worked as a Managing Director at PwC US and was the CFO for several years at its global joint venture in Kolkata, India.

While on my Indian assignment, I thankfully was assigned a coach. My focus on work had consumed my whole life and she helped me find my way out. 

At the same time, meditation became a huge priority in my life. I love my daily practice and regularly go on meditation retreats in the US and Europe. 

I created the Your Bigger Picture program because I could see similar leaders with a huge amount to give getting bogged down with anxiety, self-doubt, workaholic tendencies, and perfectionism.

Lost in the question of what to do in their career rather than the bigger question of how they want to show up in their life. 

There’s a much easier way.

So, I bring the powerful combination of coaching and meditation to help you be more content and satisfied now. You don’t have to wait  days, weeks, months, your whole life for your job to make you feel that way.

My biggest aim is that ultimately you are my successor.

You become your own coach. 




I decided to work with Jennifer because the focus of her program to be more calm, confident and courageous really resounded with me. I had developed a near-constant, low-level of anxiety that was disrupting my sleep and overall health. Jennifer worked with me to analyze that anxiety, assess what was really going on and use tools to get it under control. While I’m naturally a driven, goal-oriented person, Jennifer taught me specific techniques to analyze what is important to me, identify long-term changes I would like to make, and create digestible and achievable steps I can take now to affect those long-term changes. In short, Jennifer helped me a great deal and I cannot thank her enough!

Vanessa Rollings

CFO, Rightpoint

While my job was easy for me and I had achieved a nice work/life balance, I was feeling dissatisfied. I had grown complacent and my desire and drive to work were on the decline. I felt stuck in my job, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. 

In just a few sessions, Jennifer helped me to change all of that. By giving me exercises that I could do as often as needed, she helped me to find satisfaction in my current situation. Then, she helped me to define my values, which was the foundation for guiding all my decisions. When it came time for me to make a change, she helped me to envision the future that I really wanted for myself. Then, she taught me how to make it happen.   

Melissa Birge

Founder , Mia Tango (former CFO of Kayak)

Working with Jennifer has had a significant impact on my state of mind, in a way that is truly inspirational. Jennifer has helped me to re-evaluate how I identify, plan and act against my goals by elevating the thinking that goes into how I make decisions. This has given me new-found perspective about what is important as I consider the future, and has afforded me greater calm as I work through my day-to-day.

Stephanie Retcho

Co-Founder and CMO, Mia Tango

Overall, I’m feeling different – much calmer and more confident. People notice the difference. I’ve started new habits including meditating, body scans, reading, painting, and a gratitude practice. I follow my gut now with career decisions so I do meaningful work that I enjoy and is in line with my goals. I challenge myself and respect how I feel. Making things both meaningful and achievable is important. And, one of the biggest things that helped me was visualization. Now, I’ve got techniques to visualize things when I get stuck.


Meg Jin

VP FP&A, Couchbase

It’s such an amazing experience to feel like a rock has been lifted off my chest after going through this coaching experience. I wasn’t a believer but I went in to it open minded. I wasn’t happy with my current mental and physical state of mind. After going through this program and realizing what my actual priorities are and what makes me fulfilled. My work ethic has increased and I am able to stay focused on my priority list without deviating. My anxiety has decreased which is one of the primary reason I am able to get more done in less time.


Melissa Wright

Operations, US Army


How will I know this will work for me?

Check how committed you feel to investing in yourself like this. If you feel you can commit the time and energy, that’s a positive sign you’ll inspire yourself to make this work. Read the testimonials. See the results others are getting. You can also look at my LinkedIn and Instagram posts and read my blog to get a stronger feel for what I’m about.

And, email me at jennifer@jenniferleon.com if you still need to get more comfortable and we can setup time to chat.


What if I can do this on my own?

I can tell you that I think I had that same thought for a long time. I didn’t ask for help. While I wasn’t in terrible shape, I could’ve advanced a lot easier to a much more positive and productive place by getting help. It took getting physically assigned a coach while I was working as a CFO to realize how valuable it is to have someone to challenge my thinking and help me shift my perspective.

I fully believe you can make change on your own. The key thing to consider is do you want a proven way to do that or do you want to experiment on your own which may take a longer and not get the same result. 


How do I know you're the right person to help me?

It’s incredibly important to me that we’re a good fit and have the right chemistry. You can get a sense of that by reviewing my bio and about page on this site, looking at my professional experience on LinkedIn, checking out my vibe in what I post on LinkedIn and Instagram, and talking to me.

Once you apply, we’ll schedule a free call to go through your application and you can get a sense of what I’m about. And, if you decide to go with the program and after Session 1 you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your payment. All I ask is that you share what worked and didn’t work. No more questions will be asked.  



How much time do I need to complete this program?

Time Commitment: Approximately 10 hours (3 on your own and 7 in sessions with me)

The program involves you spending about 3 hours upfront to view and respond to the learning series and doing 3 fun self-reflection  activities before beginning the 4 one-on-one sessions. As we progress in the program, you’ll setup actions to move forward and the time involved with those could range based on what you feel is right for you. The overall program duration is 3 months. 

During the program and for 3 months afterword, I’ll ask you to engage in a weekly accountability process with me. This will involve giving weekly updates and pointing out any areas for help. This could take 15-20 minutes each week and is not factored into the 10 hours above as it will vary for each person. 

How do I know if coaching or therapy is the right solution?

Give some thought to the difference between coaching and therapy and see what’s a fit.

Coaching is a process that helps you recognize where you’re at and moves you toward creating a more satisfying life. Therapy goes deep into various issues dealing with the past and focuses on solving the problem that needs fixing. Coaching is solution-oriented and focuses primarily on the present and future. Coaching does not involve giving advice or telling you how to do a certain something. Rather, purposeful questions are asked of you to discover the solutions from within yourself.



What if I feel unsure about being so open about myself?

I completely get this. I felt the same way when I started working with a coach too. My first step was to write things down and even then I felt a little unsure thinking someone might read what I wrote. Do what is comfortable for you.

If you feel you’re at the tipping point, apply and we’ll have a free call where you can get a sense if you’re ready or not.  

What if I can get coaching already through my employer?

That’s great! Coaching in any form can be helpful. Remember how I shared my own experience with the external coach my employer setup. It helped me a lot. Yet, she wasn’t a business coach and it was a bit more laid back than normal. Many people do get coaching through their employer and there seems to be a mix of it working well and then some concerns over confidentiality or how it’s tied to a promotion. 

I worked for a long time in an organization where internal coaches were assigned. That was definitely helpful. From my own experience though (and being one of those assigned coaches), the training for that isn’t the same as a certified coach. There is a vast array of techniques and processes (including NLP which I use) to help you get results faster and easier. 

You’ll see this program is all about you and getting you the bigger picture results you want. 

How will I know the changes I make will stick?

It’s a balance isn’t it – between your commitment and the service being given to you. I’ll engage you in an accountability process throughout the program and after so that your chances of things sticking is higher. You’ll have the time to develop new habits and repeated practice.

There’s also the option to continue doing coaching calls with me to keep the momentum going after the program is completed.  

What exactly will I get from this program?


You’ll walk away with the following things from this program. 

  • Baseline assessment of where you’re at in your life right now
  • Progress assessment of where you’re at in each session and at the end of the program
  • Clear picture of where you want to be 1-year from now and beyond
  • An action plan for how you’re going to move toward that
  • A variety of healthy coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety and stress
  • A mini-movie for how you want to show up in the world 
  • Deeper sense for what you value and how to express more in your life
  • A meditation practice

And, much more. 

How do I sign up for the program?

 The first step is to apply as only a small number of openings are available. You can do this here.

Once I receive your application, I will carefully review it and respond back to you within 1-2 business days. If openings are available, we’ll do a call so you can get a feel if we’re a good fit and I can learn more about you. It’s important we’ve got the right chemistry. 


Download Application