How does it sound to take zero action and get happier

The most powerful actions you take are mental – what you’re thinking. As you think, a mental image starts building and feelings arise. Take zero action on negative thoughts and your mind will remain peaceful. And when you’re peaceful, you’re happy. 

You can probably prove this experience from your own personal examples. Give yourself a moment to consider the last time you stopped a negative thought and what resulted. 

For me, I burned my arm badly in a kitchen accident several years ago. Seeing my arm riddled with blisters and in a hot climate like India, it could’ve been easy to think myself into a pretty horrible scenario. My arm with terrible scars or possibly dealing with a serious infection.

In this fortunate situation, I stopped that thought. I wouldn’t entertain it at all. And, my mind remained at ease. Both the mental and physical pain didn’t show up. This formed part of the best solution. 

Alternatively, I use to easily think loads of worrying thoughts about something I had to deliver at work. I let the thoughts flow without exception. I can imagine that may be what it feels like to be an addict. This was not a good solution. 

So, no action is the best solution in many situations. It’s a big STOP on the action. No more judgment, no more harsh tones. Consider what might happen if you stopped these types of thoughts. 

Examples of Negative Thoughts 

  • I’ll never get everything I need to done in time. 
  • I shouldn’t have messed that up. 
  • I keep making the same mistakes.
  • Why didn’t they do things as I explained?
  • I’m totally overwhelmed.
  • What if I tell them the wrong information? 
  • I’m embarrassed how I handled that situation. 
  • Why haven’t I called [insert name] back? 
  • I’m a terrible friend. 
  • This [insert name] isn’t perfect. 

Give yourself a moment. What other scenarios would you like to give the big NO. 

A Personal “No Action” Experiment

Imagine next time one of these thoughts arise you said to yourself – I say NO to you thought. I’m taking no action with you. 

You can do this experiment at any time and anywhere. 

It’s crucial to name these things because it takes away their power. I know it can be hard to look at some of this. At least, it was for me from my experience.

Be encouraged that when you look these things straight in the face, you’re already moving toward a solution. You may even want to write these things down and put a big NO across them, tear up the paper, and put it in the trash. 

Please share in the comments what thought you’d like to stop. And, then play around with it. Talk to it. Make some space between that thought and you. 

And, if you know of anyone that constantly worries, pass this along if you feel it’d be helpful.