Do you want to connect deeply with what drives you to do what you do every day? Have you ever wanted to make your world bigger and your work pressure smaller? Do you feel like you could be contributing so much more? 

Retreats help you achieve these things.

They’re like taking mental vacations that can last a moment, an hour, a day, weeks, years. And, many times, it’s easy to not consider them because they feel lofty yet they’re easily accessible.

When you get that space to connect with your why, your world naturally expands and your performance rises – in all aspects of your life.

One of the hardest parts to boosting your performance can actually be the inability to stop and take stock. 

Feeling the urge to keep doing, doing, doing. Fighting against time. Filling all your space. Not allowing yourself to move through uneasy feelings that’ve built up inside. 

You can create your own retreat if you wish. 

The main condition you need is a quiet and secluded place where you can rest and relax. You can train your mind to do this and physically setup the right environment.

You can do guided retreats as well. Perhaps, I may offer one in the future. 

What I find powerful about retreat is the combination of pausing, quieting your mind, contemplating your bigger wishes in life, getting clear on what’ll happen if you keep doing what you’re doing, and developing more positive states of mind. 

I’ve walked away from each meditation retreat I’ve been on refreshed, focused, and holding more positive states of mind. And, with the understanding, this comes from within not from external things and having the wisdom to know it’s in my control.

Good reminder to me as I embark on my next 3-week retreat this Friday.

You know your mind loves relaxation.

Without it, confidence drops, anxiety rises, and your vision is blurred. When you really pull back, you access a space that was always there that you were too close to see. It’s like being a fish in water that has no objectivity to see it’s in water. 

Do you ever wonder why in the shower you have some of your greatest ideas? 

Yes, again relaxation. On retreat, you give your mind a mental rest. While it’s resting, it’s more likely to be inspired and to process things it couldn’t before. Then, you gain a fresh perspective on handling old issues that seem so solid. 

So, as I prepare to go on retreat, I’m taking you with me (in my mind).

I encourage you to consider this. 

What might happen if you took a step back, a pause, and what wouldn’t happen if you continue to follow your same patterns. 

For fun, I’d love to hear where you’ve been on retreat before and how it helped you. Add your thoughts in the comments. 

Let’s celebrate this wonderful retreat mindset. And invite others to join. 

Until February, I wish you a peaceful month ahead full of insight, joy, and connection with others.