The urge to constantly be productive hides one of your most important needs.

Mental rest.

You don’t have to be a busy bee.

Guess what. Bees aren’t busy because they follow a cycle of work and rest. If you allow your mind to do the same – to take mental vacations – you’ll be more effective in what you do and feel a lot better. 

Rest is not being lazy. Rest is being smart. 

I remember the feeling of going on a physical vacation where you feel like it’s the answer to your prayers. You think that once you go, you”ll be happier. Relaxed.

And, you may feel better for a few hours or days and then the feeling goes away. It’s fleeting. And, sometimes you never get it because you wear yourself out on the vacation with constant action. 

Taking mental vacations is a reliable way to be more calm. 

You can gain the peace you’re seeking without all the planning, the spending, or going anywhere. As you become savvy with taking regular mental vacations, it becomes a habit – a way of being. You naturally shift into rest mode when things start going too fast. 

Mental vacations take many forms.

It can be as simple as pausing for a few minutes to clear your thoughts and getting in touch with your body. You allow yourself to be quiet mentally. Or, you can empty your mind by capturing running thoughts on a piece of paper. You imagine how your mind is clearing out. Also, if you’re working, simply going to a window and scanning the horizon puts your mind in rest mode.

No mind space =  no clarity

Unmanaged thinking or worrying blocks up space in your mind. It’s like being in a very cloudy sky. You can’t see anything which can lead to lots of problems. Say you’re feeling anxious, you don’t know how to step out and get a grip on the situation. You’re literally stuck in the clouds. Give your mind some space and things become clearer. 

You become your thoughts. 

Everything comes from your mind. If it’s busy, everything around you will be. Not only do your thoughts affect you, they affect everyone around you because they come out in your words and actions. Gandhi said it clearly.

Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny. 

Give yourself a mental vacation today.

When you start taking mental vacations, they’ll become a habit. Your mind will be clearer and your life experiences will be calmer. You’re in a great position because these are completely in your control. They take little time, no planning, and give back far more than you put in. 

Your turn

I encourage you to start taking these today and then once a day for three weeks. And, use them when tense moments arise. Remember you can take them anywhere – in line at the grocery store, on your commute, walking to the bathroom, at a cafe, at your desk. 

I’d love if you shared in the comments how it felt to purposefully take a mental vacation. Or, what holds you back. Glad to support you to move past any blocks. 

And, please pass this along to anyone you know who’d like more mind space.