Considering how your roles models handle situations is inspiring. It helps you to creatively look at something in a new, different, and maybe even better way. Often times, the idea or solution was already inside of you – visualizing role models – helps to coax it out.

Think back to your childhood, you may have looked up to a teacher or celebrity.  Unfortunately, as adults, the availability of obvious role models starts to fade and you forget the powerful effect they had on your life.

Interesting fact – In a survey conducted by Ernst & Young, 75% of successful adult women claimed that they had no role models. Yet, having several good role models in your life is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of self-improvement.

While you may no longer have your Girl Scout leader or 3rd grade teacher to look up to. Many role models are available to you as an adult. You just have to seek them out.

Here’s how.

1 – Top Three List

Write down your top three (personal or professional goals) and select 3 people who have achieved what you are aspiring to. The role model can be someone who is dead or alive, known or not known to you. For me, my role models have encompassed everyone from talented friends, well-known spiritual leaders and even the best version of myself.

2 – Inspiring Qualities

Now, write down what qualities they have that you would most like to model and experience more of in your life. Is it self-assurance, perseverance, congeniality, poise, free-thinking?

3 – Meeting of the Minds

As you encounter challenges or opportunities, begin to imagine what type of advice they would give you if they were sitting in the same room as you.

4 – Practice and Progress

As you do more research on your role models, consider adopting some of the habits that they have said contribute to their success – like being an early riser, a voracious reader, or making time for physical activity each day.

Inviting role models into your life can change the way you look at the world.

Who will be the first role model you ask for support?