Isn’t it amazing when you sleep well and wake up totally refreshed. 

You feel full of energy, inspired, and ready to start your day. 

Yet, sometimes, a long-time habit can get in your way. 


You find there’s always something to worry about.

At night, your body lies down and your mind starts going crazy. 

It’s off running around thinking about everything that happened in the day. How you’ll handle the challenges you’re currently facing. Or even, it’s overexcited which can be equally disruptive.

I use to do a wonderful setup to guarantee my morning was an anxious one. I’d work right up until I went to bed with email conversations still floating in my head.

I’d go through problems, plan for the next day, and generally let myself be distracted from the task at hand – to sleep.

I completely associated with my anxious, worried self.

I had no vision of what my calm, well-rested self would be like. 

Curiously, I’d wake up feeling tired and, at times, with a pain in my heart because I dreaded what might happen at work that day. 

This was exactly the opposite of what I wanted. 

So, if you’re having this experience, know that you can change all of it by making a key change the night before. 

As my dear meditation teacher would put it – it’s all about the setup. 

Of course, there are the obvious things of not working up until the minute you go to sleep and controlling your mind when you lay down. There’s also another step I’d never thought of before.

Visualizing what it’d be like waking up calmly in the morning. 

If you can’t see it, you won’t believe it. And, if you don’t believe it, you’ll never experience it. 

You can go here to listen to a special bed-time visualization practice I recorded for you. 

Just think.

If you master how you sleep, you’ll get loads of time and energy back.

All of which were stolen by your anxious, worrying self.

You’re going to feel inspired and happy to start your day. 

And, who wouldn’t want that. 

Well, I’m excited for you to have this experience. 

Enjoy visualizing the calm, well-rested self you dearly want.