You know it’s almost funny. I ran full force at things most of my life and had no clue where I was going.

You know that feeling?

In college, I learned that accounting majors work for the Big Four. So, I did that and work became a major part of my identity. I didn’t ask myself what was really the best path. Imagine. Once you do that, it becomes a lot easier to move in that direction.

Here’s a secret nobody tell you. You don’t need a degree, work experience, or titles to get there. It’s actually not only about work. And, it’s surprisingly easy.

Why, you may ask?

It’s easy because when you’re clear on where you’re going (and appreciate where you’re at) things flow. When you’ve got your vision and values clearly laid out, decisions become simple. Your choices lead you in the direction you want to go.

And imagine this. Maybe all this time you’ve been really seeking a state of mind where you feel content, at peace, and comfortable in your skin. There’s been this mistake that all these things outside – that are totally out of your control – will bring it to you.

Ask yourself now what lasting happiness has ever arisen from your job, relationships, or possessions. Maybe your path is about simply how you’re being. Only you know the answer. I encourage you to think carefully about that.


3 Simple Steps to Find Your Best Path

1. Take a New Perspective

Just suppose you’re a camera and zoom far out from the current experience you’re having. And, imagine that your path is not just about the work you do. Try to see six to eight areas of your life that make it meaningful. Then, look at it again in a balanced way. Get real with yourself and check how satisfied you are with these aspects of your life.

Ask yourself what state of mind serves you best? Who are you being? What are the key roles you want to play in your life? How do you want to contribute to something bigger? How does that affect the people around you?

Then, zoom in and see what’s working. Keep doing that and celebrate what’s happening. A path is fun to travel along and it’s also possible to fully enjoy this very moment. It’s all you’ve got.

2. See, Hear and Feel Your Path

You can design anything you want. Anything. You’re only limited by your imagination. Remember what Albert Einstein said – imagination is more powerful than knowledge. I love that advice.

To get simple. What would the path itself look like? What color is it? How does it sound? What does it feel like to walk along it? How do you describe yourself as you’re on it? Who would you see on that path? What’s even further beyond it? And, how does it show up in your life right now?

3. Get Clear on What You Stand For

You may not realize the powerful messages you’re sending out by your mental actions. These guide your way.

What are the principles you want to live by in your life? It could be – People come first. Rest is important. Give love without expectation. Serve those in need. Pay attention. Life’s meant to be easy.

It may help to start with what you stand for now to gain awareness. I know these were things I let go of. Work hard. Work comes first. Take on more than you can handle. Mental excitement is a positive thing. Freeze in indecision. You’re lazy if you slow down.

Start to keep a running list for yourself. If these don’t serve you, simply create a new one that’s the exact opposite. Something beneficial.

In Summary

Your path is continuously evolving and growing. Have fun and start consciously designing it. And, remember it’s doesn’t have to be mainly about work. Be balanced and you’ll experience balance. Know that no matter where you find yourself you can always design something new. Nothing in life is permanent.

I encourage you to start working on this now. It’s handy to keep a journal to write down your thoughts. It’s amazing the energy that comes from that. Some of the biggest changes I’ve made simply started with words on a page and then one day they were a reality. Without effort. Easy.

Please share in the comments one quality you’d like to show up in your path. Declaring and sharing this now helps make its energy even stronger. And, I wish that for you.