I enjoy asking my clients what was their favorite childhood hobby. Who doesn’t like to be nostalgic and remember the days when you did things like making pies in a pink Easy Bake Oven. It is like finding a secret window into your joys in life.

Reconnecting with an activity that brings you joy leads you toward a source of strength and energy. With more energy, your approach to time is transformed.

When I was a child, I drew a lot on my dad’s scrap dot matrix paper. I would get lost in it. Time stood still. Over the last couple of years, I rediscovered my joy of drawing and have found ways to incorporate it into my adult life. I use it to better express myself whether it be exploring business ideas, tracking my projects, or showing appreciation for my friends and family. It makes me smile and creates synergy in that I am able to combine a playful approach while I go about everyday activities. I experience more value, more energy for each unit of time.

What was your favorite childhood hobby?

I invite you to go on a journey back in time. Take some time to remember what childhood hobby you engaged in the most.

What were the qualities of that hobby that brought you the feeling of joy?

How can you experience that joy more in your everyday life?

You may find that you liked to cook because you wanted to create things and share them with others. This activity might translate literally into cooking for your family or it may be you like to create business ideas and share them with colleagues. You may find that you liked to play Ms. Pac Man because you wanted the challenge of reaching new levels and earning awards. This activity might translate into gamification of some of your work activities on an individual or collective level with your team or family.

A key to raising your energy level is to introduce a playful approach to everyday activities to experience more joy and transcend the boundaries of time.

What unique, creative way will you increase your energy?