I was talking to a dear friend over the weekend about how I started facing the unpleasant feelings I was having in my life.

And, I noticed one important thing. 

There was a period of time where I was in a relationship that stretched me outside the normal bounds of stress. Curiously, this came as I began my sabbatical at PwC. 

I had all this free time I always imagined would make me happy and it wasn’t. Because as we know, life is uncertain. And, when you focus on the externals, it never works. 

Have you noticed this too? 

I’m glad this happened as painful as it was because it drove me to a huge decision. 

I decided I’d no longer tolerate unpleasant feelings.

Especially the anxious ones I was so use to.

And, now I had the tools because of my coaching training and Buddhist practice. 

If you paused right now, what would your decision be?

Imagine if you said no to ruminating about work, being concerned about that promotion, worrying about your health, avoiding unpleasant situations, feeling bad for not spending more time with friends and family. 

Instead, you used anxious feelings as triggers to feel better. 

Because, we can continue to accept feeling bad. Or, start to challenge our thoughts and put some doable processes in practice to get more peace of mind.

Maybe, you’re always feeling good and I deeply rejoice in that. 

For those of you who aren’t in that situation, I’m doing something new.

I’ve put together a small program called the Anxiety Antidote. It’s intended to let you also feel the freedom and peace that comes from knowing you can work through your anxious feelings.

Because I don’t believe our lives are meant to be pervaded by anxiety and all the constant worrying that goes with it. 

I’ve initially opened up space in July and August and will assess in September if I’ll offer it again.

Depends on our karma doesn’t it!

Please pass this along if you feel anyone in your life may benefit.

So many of us don’t know what we don’t know and remain trapped in bad feelings. 

Hopeful and inspired.