This holiday season feels very different.

I catch myself asking my nephews what they want for Christmas. And, immediately, my mind says to ask them what they can give. Waiting around to get things, whether it’s a play drum set, a promotion, or recognition for a job well done, isn’t a source of happiness.

So for this holiday, why not create your own wish list that’s inspiring and is a true source of happiness. 

Contrary to popular culture, you alone make yourself happy. All it takes is wishing for the right things. This involves working from the inside out. So, I love wishes. Everything starts with a wish. They create the power and inspiration to make things happen. 

Have some fun and imagine this is your wish list this year. 


A Holiday Wish List for True Inspiration


Everything on this list is in your control. No waiting around for anyone or anything. How wonderful is that. 

1. Slow Down

Taking your time is a courageous gift. With mindfulness, you can see that it gives you a sense of peace that no amount of hurrying around can ever accomplish. When you’re running, everything speeds up including your thoughts which creates a layer of unease in everything. It leads to a perpetual sense of dissatisfaction. 

Slowing down can actually cut down the time it takes to do a lot of things and increase quality. 

In all my conversations with clients, I’ve never had a single one tell me that being tense supports positive states of mind. In fact, it’s the opposite. Most say how they feel most confident, calm, courageous, humorous, creative when they’re body and mind are relaxed. You’ve got to slow things down if you want to achieve those states of mind.

2. Be Mindful

This is the most caring thing you can do for yourself. Your ability to step back and really see who you’re being and what you’re doing is profound. With this clarity, your power of choice comes back into play. Rather than running off old mental habits, you can stop. Then, you’re able to consciously build new thinking habits that serve you better. 

3. Meditate daily

Meditation is the one real way to build conviction in right living from your heart. It’s important to be clear on what it is. Mediation is concentrating single-pointedly on a virtuous object. It could be joy, love, compassion, patience, kindness, and even your breath (your life energy). It allows you to tap into your higher self that you miss seeing due to the busyness of daily life.

Imagine the lasting value of meditating on love for 15 minutes vs. watching Netflix for that same amount of time or downing that glass of wine. It will lead to real happiness. 

4. Practice Patience

Stress and other uneasy feelings comes from the inability to be patient. You want something to happen and what’s actually is happening is different. You don’t patiently accept what is and continuously ruminate on what you want. And because of that gap, you feel bad.

So, build you’re conviction to stop doing that. Let go of all the hurrying, stressing, and impatience.

Little by little, bring more and more patience into your daily activities. Read about it. Observe people who practice it well. Spend time around people that value patience. Use your hurrying or stressing as a trigger to start thinking and doing differently.

5. Give Love

Take a moment to consider this definition for love. Love means to create the conditions so other people feel happy. These could be a thought, a prayer, words you speak, actions you do, habits you break. Just imagine for a moment the expanding feeling when you give out.

What are 10 ways over this holiday season you can express your love in this way – by doing or not doing things? What if you carried this habit outside of the holidays? 

In Summary

These five inspiring wishes will lead to true happiness. All that’s required is your heartfelt intention, focus, and commitment. And, you can put them in play any time. It doesn’t matter if it’s the holidays. Even better, they benefit others without any effort from your side. 

I’m personally focusing in on patience and being mindful of the gap where stress arises. 

Which wish on this list speaks to you the most? Please share in the comments. I’d love to know how you’ve started to put that wish into action.