Do you get excited about everything? Do you love taking on lots of new things…especially at work?

I was right there with you years ago. My hands were into lots of things. Plus, my notebook bursted with loads of ideas (mostly for work). I felt it was a strength of mine. Strangely, it’s the opposite. The truth is overexcitement easily leads to overwhelm and stress. Taking a step back, you see solutions arise to let it go and find the relief you’re looking for.

When I visited my parents last week, I joined my Dad at Sunday mass. The pastor said something that immediately caught my attention. He asked whether you’re focused on the one or the many. That made me curious. He shared that being caught in many things takes away your attention from the single most important thing in your life. He asked when you go to sleep at night…

Can you say that your day was focused on that one absolutely necessary thing in your life? 

While this was a different context, the message was powerful. For me, I focus on living freely and check everything in my path to see if it supports or takes away from that. Using this insight makes decisions of what to do very easy.

I imagine you’ve experienced a lot of overexcitement like I did in the professional world. All kinds of new roles and new projects arise. Your curiosity gets the best of you. 

So many times, I wondered how to find work-life balance. And, you know what I learned. Being your own best friend not enemy gets you to that place. And, it involves saying no to someone who can be very challenging. YOU. You create your own overwhelm from all that excitement.

I care deeply you see this addiction for what it really is. Take a peek here at these smart solutions and find relief starting now.

3 Smart Solutions for Overexcitement

1. Change Your Lens

Step back from the To Do List and create your to To Be List. I’d guess that having one sheet of paper each day with 1 To Be would be 100x more powerful than a To Do List of countless actions. Look at the bigger picture of your life. How do you want to show up for yourself and for others? Create that picture. You don’t have to do anything at all. Trust in the being and you’ll save yourself loads of time.

2. Live Like it’s Your Last Day

Imagine if today was the last day of your life. Ask yourself what’s the most important thing to you. Name it. Put details around it. Start aligning your actions to that one thing. Let go of all the things that may be fun and interesting and go for the short list with true impact. Enjoy the freedom self-control gives you. (This probably sounds contradictory yet it’s so true.)

3. Transform Your Thinking

When you’re overexcited, you’re thinking is out-of-balance. And, that leads to out-of-balance experiences in your life. Start thinking of what’s truly meaningful in your life in balanced way. Be sure to give equal attention to all dimensions – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Amazing – balanced thinking leads to balanced experiences!

For example, I’ve carefully select what roles and activities I engage in to create harmony not overwhelm across these 4 areas. It’s a conscious process. Without this awareness, the same experiences continue to recur. You’re the common denominator.

Now, you’ve got 3 solutions and gain the relief you’re searching for. No more self-sabatoge!

I’d love to know your big “ahas” from this post. Please share in the comments below.

Merci xo









I spent a few days visiting my parents this past week. I went to church with my dad and –