Just imagine for a moment your body being totally relaxed. There’s a lightness in your chest. You’re able to really breathe and feel a sense of calm wash over you. Everything around you seems clear. Time pauses and you’re mind feels peaceful. And, then you realize all you’ve been doing is a few minutes of breathing meditation

You feel better than you have in a long time. Better than if you’d completed every single thing on your To Do List. 

Isn’t it true. The easiest things can be the most powerful. 

This is where you’ve got to put your courage-in-action. You’ve got to know when to apply a simple practice like breathing meditation vs. blow by the opportunity when it’s desperately needed. That means you’ve got to look at disturbing emotions like anxiety, stress, anger, and overwhelm. 

The Dalai Lama put it so simply in his New Year’s message.

“In today’s world, there is an emotional crisis; too much anger, too much fear, too much stress. That is wrong. In order to reduce anger and stress, you take drugs and alcohol, this is not the answer. The answer is the training of the mind. Gain full knowledge about the emotions. Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, knowledge of the mind, of emotion, is needed.”

These are powerful statements.

You may not take drugs and alcohol. Although, I can admit to thinking that glass of wine at the end of the day would be the answer. Busy-ness is is the same type of affliction. It’s numbs you out and does nothing to create the cause for peace in your life. It’s the cause for more stress and anxiety

I do know this. I don’t have a single client that’s told me that being tense and being busy helps their calm or their confidence. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. They feel bad.

I wish for you to feel good. Happy and peaceful. So, please stop moving in the wrong direction. Don’t let a sense of complacency get in your way. 

Take a look through these simple steps below to create the causes for peace.


How to Calm Your Mind 

1. Notice when a disturbing emotion arises. 

The trick here is if you’re letting yourself put up with a persistent state of stress. You’ve got to gain the ability to step back and see how your emotions are controlling you. The good news is your body never lies. It’ll let you know. Some simple signs are if you feel tired or tense. Or, you find your shoulders hunched over. 

2. Choose to do something about it.  

Imagine when a negative emotion arises it’s like your arm is on fire. You’d immediately get help. And the truth is, that a negative emotion on the loose is far more damaging than burning your arm. You’ve lost your peace of mind and that’s precious.

3. Move to a comfortable space.

Get creative. You may find yourself in the office bathroom. I’ve heard this before! I personally find I’ve got to do this as I walk when an emotion is super strong. So literally moving in a comfortable space may work for you too. 

4. Meditate on your breath for a few minutes.

Breathe in a fresh feeling of energy like white light. Breathe out mental busy-ness and distractions like a cloud of black smoke. Take this deeply into your heart. Repeat as often as needed to get your mind in a better state. 

I ask my clients to do a short breathing meditation before we do our sessions. I’m adding it here so you can try it too. 


Looking straight at disturbing emotions takes courage. That small step opens the door to do something about it. And, I know for sure you’re all about action. By taking that pause, you gain the opportunity to do a short breathing meditation. Your mind will relax if you let it because the true nature of your mind is peaceful. It’s fully in your control.

I’d love for you to share in the comments what motivates you to stop and relax your mind. It’s beneficial to see exactly what you want in front of you. It’s even more powerful when you declare it. 

Merci beaucoup.

xo Jennifer