How do you get support when it comes to accountability for your goals – personally and professionally?

You know many ways to delegate and get support. You can hire a virtual assistant, hire a housekeeper, and even hire someone to run your errands. That can take care of your administrative tasks, your vacuuming, and your gift buying but what about other parts of your life?

Partnering with a peer boosts accountability because by building clarity and accountability into any type of goal the likelihood of achieving it will increase. Further, you gain support in a multitude of ways – through your peer’s coaching, creative ideas, lessons, goals, and mistakes.

Steps to set-up a peer partner arrangement

1) Find the right person – This depends on your needs. A peer with similar expertise can share technical knowledge. A peer with different expertise can share a fresh perspective. Build your own set of criteria and then seek that person out.

2) Agree the right time and medium – You can make it as simple as a 20-minute call every other week. It can be in-person, on the phone, or over Skype. Look for what fits your preferences best.

3) Set the right agenda – Make it consistent. Cover what progress you made and celebrate what you have achieved. Share the actions you will take to move closer to your goal. Coach each other to ensure actions are realistic.

Is there a goal that you’ve been trying to reach that would benefit from this type of support? Perhaps you want to remodel your kitchen or run your first half marathon. Maybe you want to grow your business this year or achieve a promotion at work.

Test it out and notice the results.