I am honored to work with incredible women that trust me to hold a space for them. Thank you for contributing to my own growth through your openness and sharing spirits.

Melissa Reiter, CFO – Kayak

“I’ve been working with Jennifer for over six months now. Our sessions have focused on anything from how to maintain zen in periods of stress to helping me to prepare for a networking event. Regardless of the topic, our sessions are always insightful and re-energizing. I feel that Jennifer is helping me to become not only a better CFO, but a happier one as well.”

Colleen Sawatzky, Manager – Canadian Food

“I can attest to Jennifer’s remarkable skills and insight as a qualified coach. Through her guidance and support, I am discovering my potential and the resources within me to achieve greater success than I ever could have imagined. By assisting me in finding greater self-awareness I am achieving my career goals and a more fulfilling personal life. Thanks to Jennifer, my world has one that knows no bounds.”

Jessica Gilman, Officer – U.S. Military

“Working with Jennifer is an awakening and refreshing experience. She has an inspiring presence that opens a space in which I’ve stretched my creativity. As I manage a team of over 40 people working to meet often tight deadlines, with Jennifer, I have a quiet and still space to explore and create ways to maintain life balance and time awareness. This supports my goals as well as those of my team and my superiors. Jennifer enables me to discover the resources within me to achieve the state of being my true self.”

Lauren Rector, VP, Account Director – Grey Group

“Jennifer helped me find more peace in this stressful working world. It was really important to me to get practical solutions, rather than talking at a lofty level and walking away unsure of what to do. After each session, I come away with a clear plan of action that is tangible and achievable. She has the unique ability to help others find the answers that are within. A coaching session with Jennifer always brings me back down to earth and helps my problems feel smaller and, most importantly, solvable.”