Isn’t it amazing to think how each decision you make carries your personal stamp. It shows the world what you stand for. The accumulation of all your decisions, big or small, demonstrate what you value. Even though you don’t say this out loud, it’s felt. Making this one thing crystal clear – your personal vision – make your decisions incredible meaningful.

You’re leading all the time. It may be a team, a company, in your group of friends, or with your family. It can even be strangers that come in contact with you.

What is is the message that you want others to take away from interactions with you?

It’s great as you’ve got a blank slate. You can create the exact vision you really want. You can lay out the impact you want to ultimately make on yourself and others. It simply takes commitment and asking for help if this is new to you.

I know it’s easy to let yourself become overwhelmed and not take the time to lay this out. It’s easy to get lost in the details of everyday life. Visioning may not be a familiar thing to do. And, it’s so important. Imagine it’s like you’re taking a trip and you haven’t laid out the destination. Without knowing where you’re going, where you end up is total potluck.

Give this some thought.

How will you decide what is the right next move if you don’t know where you’re going?   

I admit that I didn’t lay out my own personal vision until a few years ago. It wasn’t something I learned about until I stepped back and started asking myself some key questions. Now, I’d feel lost if I didn’t have that guiding me day in and day out. It saves me time, gives me clarity, and creates loads of positive energy

Below is a simple practice to become aware of your personal vision.

Simple Practice

Give yourself permission to take two to three minutes to do this.

Step 1 – Pause from what you’re doing. Breath in and out. Begin feeling a wave of relaxation wash through you. Let your mind wander. Start looking up and imagine you see yourself on a screen like a movie. You’ve reached your destination and feel totally content. What do you notice?

Step 2 – Zoom in on what you look like, the sounds around you, who else is there, what environment you’re in. Imagine it’s panoramic and it’s going around all areas of your life – with your family, your friends, at work, out-and-about. What’s one word you’d use to describe this scene? What values are you living? What big choices did you make to get here?

Step 3 – Step into this movie. Experience the feeling of contentment of being here. Where do you notice it in your body? What are it’s qualities? What can you take back to remind you of this?

Step 4 – Step out of the movie. Write down some key thoughts from what you experienced. Lay out the one word. Suppose this is your personal stamp on all of your decisions. Reflect on this word every time you’ve got a decision that comes up. You can use this any time and anywhere.

Having this personal vision guides you forward with a sense of ease. Your decisions come from a place of inspiration that serves you and others in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Please let me know in the comments what’s your one word from doing this personal vision practice. It’s inspiring to know and the more you say it the more it will become true in your life.