I may’ve blown off going to the doctor when I was busy. Yet, I always made time for the dentist. 

While working in India, the frequency of my dentist visits increased because the signs of negative states of mind were showing up on my teeth. You know what was going on. I was grinding my teeth which led to breaking them.

Doing this over and over, you’re bound to notice the connection between your body and my mind

Crazy conditions in your mind. Crazy conditions in your physical health.

Teeth in my case (and others I’ll not bore you with now). 

While this didn’t seem like the smartest thing I ever did (to keep busying myself and breaking my teeth) it did help me to connect signs from mother nature to a serious problem in my mind. 

You can make the same type of connection. It may be teeth for you. It may not.

Check what generally goes wrong with your health when you’re overly busy in your mind and environment. Maybe it’s chronic back pain, a racing heartbeat, headaches, exhaustion, injuries from minor accidents.

If you’re noticing these signs, here are a few ways to save your mind from the crazy, busy environment you’re exposing it too.

1. Ask Yourself Powerful Questions

This is a great time to be curious and compassionate with yourself. Above all, you need to ask yourself who you want to be in your life. A calm person. A wise person. A compassionate person. Lay that out for yourself. 

Try to understand your needs better. What is the positive intention of your crazy state of mind? What valuable state of mind are you really trying to achieve? How do you want to impact the other people in your life? What are you missing now that would calm you down? What are some do-able first steps?

2. Train Your Mind to be Relax 

If your mind is so agitated you’re experiencing physical health problems, now is the time to train in the most important skill you could ever have. Controlling your mind. You can approach this in different ways. Many people turn to meditation (on meaningful objects) to consistently give rise to peaceful minds. 

Deep breathing exercises are also helpful as they pull your mind down from the craziness. However, this is a temporary solution and better than nothing. Another way you can protect your mind is by saying mantra. I’ve got a handful of ancient mantras I use based on the conditions I’m faced with. Do some research and see what works for you. 

3. Find the Right Support 

Your first tendency may be to run off to the doctor or the dentist like I did. That’s important for sure to solve your outer problem. However, you’ll never resolve your inner problem that way. Remember how I kept breaking my teeth.

You need to gain familiarity with special ways of thinking and doing. It’s extremely supportive to surround yourself with other people that live in a way that you admire. You’ll suffer even more if you don’t have other people helping guide you down a new path. Look to your close circle and helping professionals if needed. 

Your body is always telling you what you need. If persistent health problems occur in periods of busyness, use these to move you ahead. Explore them and make them work as signals to slow down and make your mind peaceful. Running harder will never make this happen. It’ll only give rise to more negative minds. 

Your Turn: Think of a few times in the past when an odd health problem arose. Check to see what state of mind you were in when these occurred. Make the connection. Then, use this information to help you move to a peaceful mind going forward. 

Well, this can be quite a journey of self-awareness. It’d be great to share your story as you might find that many people experience the same. Like my teeth. I was shocked when I started noticing it wasn’t just me.

This may be an important head’s up to a friend, client, or a colleague. I ask you to share out of your own compassion.