How did you wake up this morning?

What was your first thought?

Was it about work, something pleasant, your family, an inspiring idea. 

I woke up with a vivid dream on my mind. 

Then, I stopped. I knew it wasn’t real and didn’t plan on giving it any attention. 

My normal routine started kicking in – a quick body scan and then meditating and doing some prayers. Quickly, the strange feeling passed and I was ready for the day.

Thinking good thoughts. 

I knew it would work because I’ve followed this routine countless times

Rewind about 5 years ago and I would’ve been consumed with a bad feeling. And, usually that dream was whatever work issue was on my mind. I didn’t really know how to shake it so I let it persist.

The constant worrying went on and on

The only difference I find between waking up inspired or disturbed is my morning routine.

It began with taking tiny steps like reading a few pages from an insightful book. And, this tiny step was a doorway to a much happier day. 

We’re really not meant to go around all day in a persistent state of worry and stress.

Isn’t that the truth.

You can take tiny steps too. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Tiny Steps to Wake Up to What Matters

1. Manage Your Thoughts

It’s ok to wake up and have a negative thought in your mind. It’s natural. We’re not perfect. What’s important is to notice what’s happening. Even saying to yourself – there’s a negative thought arising – helps take energy out of it. And, make a commitment to yourself you’re going to do something about it. 

2. Do a Body Scan

This is the easiest way to be mindful of what’s going on inside. It’s like doing an X-ray checking for any bad feelings, tension in the body, or anything else unusual going on. Once you pinpoint it, it’s a lot easier to do something about it. Write these things down and set time aside to resolve what’s going on. 

3. Contemplate an Inspiring Idea

Let yourself daydream. Give some thought to ideas that really inspire you. It could be how to create a healthier relationship with a work colleague, making space to have quiet time every day, strengthening your yoga practice. What would that look like to you? How would that change your day-to-day experience ?

4. Imagine How You’ll Help Someone

Pick someone you want to support. Maybe it’s your mother, a friend, or a struggling team member. See there face clearly right in front of you. Looking very calm and peaceful. Brainstorm ways you could lift up their day. How could you surprise or delight them? Leave yourself a note the night before with the person’s name on it as a reminder.

5. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.

This will always be my number one suggestion. The main function of meditation is to give rise to mental peace. So, it follows it’s a wonderful way to start your day thinking of positive things and creating positive energy. Done skillfully (and that can mean minutes not hours) you’ll experience profound benefits. 

Thinking about work first thing is only a habit. 

You can take action with your thoughts as diligently as you can with your work projects. All you got to do is setup new routines and practice daily. It can be the tiniest little thing – literally a minute a day can make a big difference.

Once you make that choice, you’ll move right into waking up to what matters. 

I’d love to hear what your view is – how can you transform your morning thinking?

Please write me back or leave a comment on the blog. 

I’m so encouraged you’re reading this because that’s already an important action. 

Thanks for your time.