This begs the question.

Did you really love your job in the first place?

It depends on your definition doesn’t it. 

If your definition of love is the affectionate concern for the well-being of others (or in this case your job), this would be impossible wouldn’t it. It’s our basic nature to care about others.

Yet, it’s easy to feel that way isn’t it.

You work so hard and spend so much time at your job it can feel like a marriage. When it keeps letting you down, you feel like you want to break up which can feel depressing. 

I say this because it was my experience because I tied my sense of peace and well-being to my job. Just like you can with a relationship (which I of course have done too). And, in both of these situations, it doesn’t work. 

Because things like jobs can’t make you feel a certain way. They can’t let you down.

You do that. 

We’re human though and our minds get that messed up.

Here are a few steps you can walk through to start questioning your thoughts about your job.

And, they’ll help you find some relief now if you’re feeling bad.


5 Steps to be at Peace with Your Job

1. Love or Not? 

Get quiet and consider what you mean by the word love.

Is it a concern for the wellbeing of others including your organization? Is it an attachment to the good feelings you get when things go your way? Could it be the overexcitement you feel when you’re starting new projects or roles? What is the relationship you’re really having with your job? 

2. Taking Control Back

Notice if you’ve given your job an inordinate amount of control over your happiness. It’s easy to check. Imagine if your boss was angry at you, your performance review was terrible, or your pay was cut by 50%. Would you be ok? If not, it’s a sign that your happiness is being driven from your job. 

3. Pause for Purpose

The value of taking some quiet time is immeasurable. Ask yourself. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Is it because you want to be of service to your clients and colleagues. Because you thought you had to go down this career path. It gives you the financial resources you need to live a certain lifestyle. Or, maybe, it allows you to practice your values like love, compassion, wisdom, and patience every day. 

Once you have your answer, check if you’re ok with it or not. 

4. The One Question

Taking all of this in, listen inside for the one question you most need to ask yourself right now. 

This could be things like – Where do I really need to focus my effort? How do I want to relate to work? What do I need to do to take control back over my happiness? Do I need to take a small break to get my mind in order? How am I being affected by others expectations? 

Through questioning yourself, the truth will reveal itself to you. Understanding what love means, taking back control, pausing for purpose, and asking that one question will give you insight that will give you relief now.

That’s all it takes to get back some of your peace. 

You’ll know the right time to take action on these steps because the simplest sign is you’re feeing bad because of your job.

I’d enjoy hearing what’s the next step you’re going to take after reading this. 

Appreciating your time, your wisdom, and your courage. 



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