When’s the last time you approached achieving a goal in a new way?

In my finance roles, I approached things in the same-y way because I didn’t know any different. And, as I progressed in my career, they didn’t work as well and led to a lot of stress and overwhelm. When I stepped out of that experience, I discovered better tools that help you excel at goals you set.

This sounds obvious and it’s true. But, it’s easily missed. You can move toward your goals a whole lot easier when you picture what they are and what might cause you to stumble.

Visualization helps you succeed with more ease and less struggle. Developing this one skill made a huge positive impact in my life. I used to close my eyes (in my mind that is) when I felt stressed about something. That’s a recipe for procrastination and pain.

I’m sure you’ve got some big goal you’re working on – perhaps a new work project, a new leadership role, planning a trip with your family, a happier you.

Take a moment and pick one that’s top of mind.

Here’s a simple method to setup this goal up for success.

I did this last year for my meditation practice and it worked wonders.

A Simple Method – Setup Your Goal for Success

To get things going, why not start with a visual. And, then I’ll walk you through it.


This method uses a straight forward timeline. Click here to access the template. 

I encourage you to go through it in this order.

Timeline Name

Give it an inspiring name. Something that you find encouraging and makes you want to move through it.


Layout clearly what’s the goal you’re aiming for.

Why is this goal important to you?

Watch out here.

This one is super easy to miss and it’s the fuel for achieving your goal (in a way you want). Try your best to link it to an internal value completely in your control. For example, it contributes to your love of learning, you can express your creativity, you can see things from a new perspective, you can deepen your leadership presence.

This would not be things like to make more money, achieve recognition, not to fail, get a promotion, keep your job.

Type of Energy 

Take a look at what you felt was most important to you about this goal. Then, decide the type of energy you want flowing through this timeline. Something you would want to feel throughout the process of successfully accomplishing your goal and going beyond. It could be peaceful, joyful, curious, wise, creative. It’s your pick!


This is your first visualization opportunity. Start by relaxing and taking a deep breath or two. Feel that start to flow through your body. Look slightly up in front of you almost as if you’re watching a movie of yourself. See yourself looking completely peaceful with the goal completed. Bring out the details.

How do you look? Where are you at? How do you know the goal is accomplished? Who else is there? What’s the tone of your voice like? What are you saying?

Steps 1 to 3

Think of the 3 most challenging steps to start moving toward the goal. For example, I felt memorizing a meaningful verse for contemplation was a first step towards building my meditation practice. Laying these out helps you gain momentum on the stickiest part of the path.

Use the same steps as above for the Goal to visualize these steps completed. Notice the peace that the accomplishment of each step gives you. Important tips – be sure you see each of these steps completed and not while they’re in progress. And make the picture clear, focused, and in front of you. 


Imagine what’s beyond getting your goal accomplished. Now, this is definitely not a common thing to ask yourself. Try it and see how it makes your goal more meaningful. Again, use the same visualization process and steps as above.

Well, congratulations. You’ve easily experimented with a new way of successfully moving toward a goal. You’ve got a series of mental pictures now that you can practice with. Commit to mentally rehearsing seeing these happen at least 3 times. Getting crystal clear through visualization contributes to greater success.

Side note – Not a single time in my entire career did anyone ever mention my sensory experience. My feeling is nobody realized how powerful this is. It’s important to me to help you enhance your understanding. I’m sharing this process at a very high-level. In a personal coaching session, you’d get into a much deeper sensory level. 

I’d love to hear what’s your number one insight is from reading through and/or walking through this process. I honor your openness and flexibility to try something new.