I interviewed some women a couple months ago to better understand how to serve them through my business. 

And, the response to one question surprised me.

I asked what do they secretly wish for.

Many were quick in responding and a couple women paused. They said they couldn’t even think about what that was. 

It made me think about the fear of dreaming.

If you’re afraid to dream, what are you doing?

You’re still imagining, daydreaming, and concentrating on creating a life.

But is it the one you want? 

You can check.

How do you feel day-to-day? What’s the state of your relationships? How attached are you to work? What attention are you giving to your own well-being? 

I know from these conversations that there’s a desire to focus on bigger goals. Yet, to get to your bigger goals, you’ve got to dream big. Or else, you’re in the same thinking that got you focused on your small goals. 

You can try something really easy today. Make a dream list but not just any dream list. 

Anyone can say they want to learn french, go on a yoga retreat, work part-time. 

What’s powerful is to lay out how you dream about your inner experience. 

Like I could say this to my old self.

What is learning french going to do for you if you’re stressed out all the time? 

Who cares if you go to a yoga retreat and come back unable to create relaxing experiences for yourself? 

What’s important about working part-time if you find deep enjoyment in sharing insights with others? 

If you check, you’re always going for a feeling. It’s not the external environment that can give you that permanently. Only you can. 

Try this simple and empowering practice. 

Set aside 15 minutes first thing on a quiet morning. Find a place where you feel relaxed and cozy. Take a journal to note down your responses.

Let yourself enjoy a few deep breaths. Then, begin this process. 

  1. List out 25 dreams of what you’d love your inner experience to be like (using the examples from above – be calm (not stressed-out), create relaxing experiences for myself, discover deeper perspective about how to lead my best life)
  2. Check where you’re at now – are you going in the right direction or going backwards?
  3. Step back and gather your top insights from laying out this information.
  4. Decide on one tiny action you can take to move in the direction you want to go.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to start prioritizing these and breaking them down into your bigger goals. Taking this time to imagine and dream is crucial. Let yourself relax into this and truly enjoy.

It’ll give you a sense of peace and clarity as to where you’re at and what’s possible. 

Feel free to share back or even take a photo of what you’ve put together. It’s kind to inspire others and a way to start expressing yourself.