Sometimes the easiest things are the most elegant

I admit.

I felt that it was my employer’s responsibility for my work-life balance. This was wrong thinking on my part and frustrating. The only way to find balance is to go inside. Only you can do that.

You need to understand where you’re balance is now, where you want it to be, and how to get from point A to point B. And, a simple life wheel can give you this instant clarity.

If you want to be peaceful and happy, you need to find your inner balance

Years ago, I stumbled across the concept of making a life wheel

Thankfully, my mind opened up and told me to do something…different. I’d never put down on a piece of paper what were important areas of my life. There was just work and life…right?

To prioritize the top areas of my life was enlightening. And, wow. I could see where all the imbalance was coming from. 

These interesting realizations arose.

Inner balance is essential to outer balance. You’ve got to do the work. Clear decisions need to be made to correct major imbalances. Watch out for complacency. Knowing where you’re starting helps you focus and start doing something about it. Awareness is key. 

This all came from doing a simple life wheel. It didn’t surprise me it was one of the first things I learned when I went through my formal coaching training. 

I’ve laid out a simple method for you to do the same below. 


5-Step Method to Finding Your Balance

1. Look inside vs. outside

I can tell you all day long that you’ve got to look inside. It’s important that you build your own conviction that’s the right place to start. Think about where you normally seek balance. List out people, places, experiences, things you look to for balance. Check how well that’s working for you. Then, consider how internal changes in the past have impacted your experience. Come to your own conclusion. 

2. Make your life wheel

This is where a good dose of courage is helpful. It takes guts to layout on a piece of paper how balanced you are right now. Put on that courageous mindset and do your own life wheel. Click here for a simple template.

3. Reflect on your balance

Once you’ve set out your life areas and assessed your satisfaction, literally draw out what your wheel looks like. Driving along with that wheel, how would you feel? Close your eyes and imagine it. What are important things you notice about it? How does everything hang together? What piece of advice would you give yourself? 

4. Pick one place to start

The 80:20 rule is wonderful. Take a step back. What’s the one area you could focus on that would have the most impact on the rest of your life areas? Zone in on it. Start laying out some simple actions you can take to raise your satisfaction. 

5. Do – Do – Do

There’s no room for complacency now. You can see what’s happening. Now, is the time to act.

You’ve got my permission to go for it. It’s a great opportunity for putting courage in action.

And, if you don’t want to act and hold onto the story about how you’re too busy or your employer doesn’t support work-life balance, that’s ok. Just ask yourself. What’s important about those stories? Specifically check for yourself what’s important about being busy.

A busy mind and a balanced mind cannot co-exist

I promise following this simple method will move you towards your balance. The only thing that can hold you back is you.


In Summary

Keep things simple for yourself. Follow this method. Do your life wheel. Get clear. Feel encouraged and empowered to move forward. Once you focus in the right place – inside – things are a lot easier and completely in your control. In fact, they always were.

And, remember… 

Balance is a process. It’s not a fixed state you fall into. It needs consistent balanced thinking and action to stay on track.

I’d love to support you more. Share in the comments one action you’ll take for yourself to gain balance.

Feel free to ask me questions. I’ll respond to every comment. 

With ease,