For the longest time, I kept thinking of and making different business models. 

I had this deep desire to do something on my own (or with a partner). 

If you scanned my computer, you’d find plans for a bed and breakfast in Provence, a honey business, and my coaching business. I loved dreaming about this and in my heart always felt like it’d be possible to do my own thing. 

I made several big decisions in 2013 in a single day. One was to finally start my own business and I felt great about it. Finally, I’d have a career with balance where I’d be happy and the added benefit of doing something my heart felt good about. 

Thankfully, one other big decision has always trumped this one which was to have a healthier mind and body. That later translated into mind training which later turned into my spiritual practice. 

It reminds me of when I went on a 3-week vacation to Provence. This is such a special place to go and I’d always loved being there. And, because of my state of mind at the time, I was absolutely miserable. I couldn’t even stand being around myself. 

So, how’s that possible?

Isn’t a beautiful trip like that suppose to make you happy? 

With wisdom, I can see now that if your mind isn’t in a happy place your experience of everything around won’t be happy either.

I’m going to guess you’ve got your own personal example like my Provence one. Take a moment now and contemplate this personal situation. Check to see what was the real source of the unhappy experience. 

This may be simplistic yet true.

You’ll find a career that makes you happy when you can make your mind happy. 

Without that, I kindly say…it’s never going to happen. 

Of course, if you can improve your work conditions, do that. What I’m suggesting is not to rely on your career to solve a problem that can only be resolved inside.

My experience has been that training your mind to be happy is a commitment and is not something that will instantly arise. Just like you can’t get on a bike if you’ve never ridden one and expect to jet off on it. 

For me, it’s ranged from doing self-reflection activities, mindfulness practices, meditation, studying and practicing Buddhist teachings, having my own personal coach, self-coaching, taking NLP training.

It’s a totally personal thing. 

And, it takes effort.

My preference: joyful effort. 

You’d be amazed what you can do with a better trained mind. A big wait in a line, a missed train, a long wait at the Apple store to get your phone fixed. These can become fun practice time. 

How cool is that if you can make yourself happy with your career no matter what happens. 

That blows my mind. How about you?