Has this ever happened to you? You missed your train or got on the wrong one.

Isn’t this the truth. These two things show up all the time.

You don’t get what you want, and you get what you don’t want. 

Uncertainty is absolutely certain.

Yet, do you really accept that? It’s easy to believe you can control uncertainty by focusing on external things. This doesn’t work. I tried this crazy cycle for you and can confirm its failure. What you can do is develop healthy ways to manage what you can control – your mind – and move through uncertainty with ease.

And, who wouldn’t want that?


Simple Steps to Deal With Uncertainty

You can start taking these practical steps now to work towards greater peace of mind.

1.  Get Real with Yourself

There will be a constant flow of uncertainty in your life. It’s unavoidable. It’s not controllable. Take some time to feel this deeply in your heart. Look at examples in your life. Really take in how this constant flow happens. Look at how trying to control these external things increases your stress.

Building your conviction is crucial. If you don’t deeply believe this, you won’t be able to take control back.

2. Build a Strong Wish 

Knowing that uncertainty is certain, use all the experiences of it as fuel to do something about it. Hold a desire to not be like a balloon bounced around in the air at will. Remember how unpleasant uncertainty feels and develop a wish to free yourself.

This is totally different. This is empowering. This takes effort.

Meditation is a powerful way to take this deep into your heart. It helps to engage the help of others skilled at this. Also, surrounding yourself with people that know there’s a better way makes a huge difference.

3. Name the Mindset You Want

It’s super easy to name a tangible outcome you want. Giving a great presentation. Setting-up a fun get-together with friends. Getting that project delivered on time.

What if you started naming the mindset you want as well? And, if you could do that, what if you could start rehearsing in your mind what that would be like?

Remember times you held the mindset you desire – happiness, peace, contentment. Take an internal snapshot of it. How did it feel inside? Then, practice giving rise to it. See how you can hold it steady while uncertainty rolls over you.

Of course, take baby steps. It’s going to take consistent practice to build up the skill of holding positive mindsets And, you’ve got to let go of stress which you’re way to familiar with right now.

I promise it’s worth more than most training you’ll ever get.


In Summary

Once you’ve really convinced yourself that uncertainty is inevitable. Start playing with it. Move into it. When something pops up that you don’t want, consciously choose to relax into it. Start with small things. A late train is a good example. Make your peace of mind a top priority. And, back that up with consistent action in building helpful mindsets.

Share in the comments what is one action you’ll start taking to get real about uncertainty. Insight’s great. Insight with action is powerful. Move into this.