Starting your day fresh is a habit. It’s totally possible!

Some people naturally follow this routine. With any habit, it means going further than a wish to see results. It takes action – those little first steps to make it real. With both your intention and attention focused on fresher days, you’ll see results, feel a lot lighter, and carry this through your day. 

I had this interesting experience near the end of my work assignment in India. I joined two friends (and colleagues) in Athens. After a very early morning flight to Santorini, this kind man Kostas picked us up, let us relax with cafe and biscuits as he checked us in, and then led us to our special island getaway spot.

And wow!

The view was spectacular. In that early morning sunshine, we bathed in the openness and beauty of the island. The water looked crystal clear. Wonderful smells were coming from the breakfast Kostas brought us. We were smiling and Santorini was smiling back at us.

With all those good conditions, it could’ve easily gone a different way.

If one of us was stressed out about a project, that view would not be as beautiful, it may be too hot from all that sun, the croissants may’ve had too much chocolate in them, or there may be a feeling of suffocation because of all the work to be done. 

You can be amazed by every day without being in Santorini. If you smile at your day, it’ll smile back at you. Simply, start creating your wake-up fresh strategy and start practicing it now. 

3 Steps to Begin Fresh Every Day

1. Define What Fresh Is For You

What does it mean for you to begin your day fresh? Some examples may be that you feel clear-headed, full of energy, rested, refreshed, calm, alert, creative. What fresh means is completely personal to you. Take a few moments and write down what you would experience if you began the day fresh.

Lay this paper by the side of your bed. Every time you go to bed, take a look and read through it. Then, do the same thing when you wake up in the morning. 

2. Identify What Blocks Beginning Fresh

Something or some things are holding you back from waking up in a state you’d love. Get clear on what those are. Think back to the last time you woke up not feeling fresh. What did you do before you went to bed? What were you thinking? How were you feeling? What conversations were you playing in your mind? What problems were you focusing on? Did you give yourself space for at least 7 hours of sleep? 

Once your personal blocks are identified, you can learn what isn’t working so you can easily find what works. If you go through work problems in your head as you go to sleep, then stop thinking about work problems when you go to sleep. Turn every block around to the opposite. List these out and use this wisdom to reach your aim. Decide what do you need to say yes to and no to. 

3. Build an Inspiring Strategy

Every inspiring strategy includes three elements. Saying something encouraging to yourself, seeing yourself experiencing what you’d love to have, and then feeling something positive in your heart.

Following that formula, create a small strategy for yourself.

Step 1 – what encouraging thing could you say to yourself before you go to bed? It may be something like “How wonderful it’ll be to wake up feeling fresh and alert tomorrow“. Then, Step 2imagine in detail how you’ll look and sound when you wake up in the morning. And, Step 3 (very important) – deeply feel in your heart the positive feeling this gives you. 

One thing I love to do is to actually mark these steps out on pieces of paper and put them on the floor. Then, I walk through them and practice each step. I highly encourage you try this as it’ll build this memory into your body. 

In Summary

You can start your day fresh. All the wisdom to do this exists inside of you. Get very clear on what this means to you. Be brave to look at what’s not working which will easily help you know what will work. And, experiment with special ways of thinking! Build a strategy that’s inspiring and likely to be followed. 

And, if you don’t begin the day fresh, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring that freshness in at any other point in the day.  

I’d love to hear what’s one thing that could work in helping you begin the day fresh. Please share in the comments. 

And, feel free to pass this along to anyone who struggles with their mornings.