Do you ever get worried about having enough money?

I certainly have.

When I resigned from my high-paying role at PwC, there were moments where I thought – what did I do?

Especially because I decided to move into a role as an entrepreneur. 

It really gave me a lot of stress for a few months and I’d wake up feeling panicked.

And, guess what. Many people feel this way.   

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of people express similar concerns over money. And, this generally came from people who make a lot, have the capacity to make a lot, or already have a lot saved.

For me, I knew this thinking could not go on because it was making me feel bad. And, it really had no basis. So, I kept self-coaching myself and resolved those unpleasant emotions.

I’m obsessed this way because I can’t stand feeling bad.

And, at the same time, I started spending time with people with completely different attitudes towards money. I thought you might enjoy knowing a few examples.

When I was on retreat, I met someone who was a graphic designer who was freelancing and mentioned he may go get a full-time job for maybe 9 months to fund his activities for a while and then quit. Mind you, he had a child and was living in one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

A woman from that same retreat who’s been working in banking decided afterwards to take a one-year sabbatical. She spent 5 weeks working in the Art Studio of the main temple of the Buddhist tradition I follow. Her thoughts on work and life evolved from that experience to maybe you don’t have to live this traditional life of working, buying a house, and all the other things that go along with it. Maybe things can be different. You can see an inspiring video about her journey here.

Another friend of mine had her own law firm and closed it to focus on her spiritual life. Now, she’ll work for a temporary agency for a few weeks and accumulate enough money to fund her activities for a while. When she runs out, she just goes back and does it again.

I share all this because I sincerely wish for people to let go of this painful worry over money and enjoy some happiness. Because my guess it’s not about the money. 

It’s how we feel about it. Our attitude.

You can contemplate deeply your answers to these questions as a test.

If you were fully and completely happy and you had no money, would you have a problem?

If you were fully and completely anxious and had all the money in the world, would you have a problem?

Based on what you conclude from that, where would you want to focus your effort right now – on financial stability or emotional stability?

This is such a personal process to go through.

I’d be so grateful if you wouldn’t mind sharing what is your top takeaway from contemplating these questions.

It’s humbling to learn from you.

With lots of admiration.