Do articles about productivity catch your eye?

I admit they were a secret indulgence for me. I’d feel so energized going through different tips and want to put them into practice. And, I realized much later on that I kept missing something over and over – peace. Because the key to real productivity is how you do things. 

Imagine this. Every positive state of mind has peace as it’s base. So, you’ve got to be peaceful to move forward in a way that feels good. That’s a source of true motivation. 

Otherwise, what’s important about being super productive if you’re not feeling good inside? Feeling bad is a signal something’s not right because stress and anxiety aren’t your natural state. 

So, I’m sharing a simple method below to support peaceful productivity in your life. 

4-Step Method: Raise Your Productivity with Ease

1. Pause and Get Clear on Your Focus

It’s a time saver not a waster to get really clear on what it is you want to accomplish. Step back and ask yourself what it is you exactly want and why it’s important to you. Write it down to give it even more power.

Just think. If you move forward without a a clear direction and a meaningful why, it’s like trying to drive a car without a known destination or any fuel in it. There’s confusion and no energy. 

Keep in mind that your what may be much bigger than the situation at hand. You’ll know if that’s the case if your not feeling comfortable with your why. Try to go higher and deeper. 

2. Reframe How You’ll Move Forward 

Now that you clearly know your focus, frame out how you’ll do it in a way that feels good. This means to focus on setting a positive outcome that’s in your control. Be careful of expecting something that’s out of your control because your peace will quickly slip away. 

For example, a positive outcome would be to do a thought-provioking presentation to share information and engage people because you value teamwork and openness. Using the same example, you’d get a negative outcome if you focused on wanting to get through a presentation without making mistakes and being embarrassed. 

3. Create Flexibility

Taking your positive outcome, lay out some ways to achieve that result. Try for at least three. Stretch your thinking. If you’re feeling stressed all the time, try to pick ways different than what you’ve been doing. If you’re at a loss, reach out to someone who you admire and get some help.

Then, with these choices, pick the best approach to move with ease. And, remember any situation, no matter how hard you think it is, can be an opportunity for you. 

4. Take First Steps 

When you do something from your heart, your actions become inspired. Then, it’s easier to take action because you want to move forward.

Reflecting on your positive outcome, think of the first few steps you can take to get there. It doesn’t have to be a whole action plan because these few steps will give you the momentum you need. 

In Summary

You can beautifully pair peace and productivity. Emphasizing the peaceful part through this method will make the process easier and more heartfelt. Your actions will feel smoother and come more naturally leading to better productivity. 

I encourage you to pick an area of your life where you’d want more peaceful productivity. Take a spin through this simple method and see what different results you get. And, please share any insights in the comments.