Sometimes going small with our habits helps us to go big. 

Do you notice how some of your tiny practices make a huge impact? 

Like 2 minutes of brushing your teeth.

Done every day positively affects your dental health not to mention your breath. 

We’re talking minutes. 

I noticed this phenomena a few months before I ended my expat assignment in India.

I started some pretty low effort daily habits.

Every day I’d wake up, go make a little cafe with my Nespresso machine, perhaps grab a biscuit (cookie that is), and head back to my cozy bed.

I’d pull out a beautiful notepad from Snow & Graham and start to doodle out what I wanted my day to be like. My little daily flows as I called them. 

Then, I’d write on the back of the sheet my 8 core goals.

This was coupled with reading. I’d come across a book by the Dalai Lama on the Art of Happiness at Work and I was hooked. So, I’d go through a few pages of one of his books and take some notes

I gave myself a glorious half hour or so to do this.

And, it would have been just as impactful if I’d been spending minutes doing this – as long as it was every day.

Because those activities done with a relaxed mind led to major changes in my mindset without really focusing on it.

One day I started noticing…wow…I’m writing these things down and what’s on those pages is happening.

Easiest approach I’ve ever used and the most effective. 

My mind started getting clearer. I was paying attention to my physical health. My relationships were improving. I saved the amount of money I targeted to. I resigned from PwC and started my own business.

Frankly, I was becoming happier from the inside out. 

So, I put this question to you…

Can you set aside 1 minute a day to make yourself happier? 

All it takes is a tiny step. The setup of a mini-habit with intention.

Key word: daily

To inspire ideas, I put a simple list of mini-habits for you below. 

10 Mini-Habits

1. Breathing Meditation

This would be my number 1 recommended mini-habit. If you can eventually master this, you’re gold. Why? Because this calms your mind and sets you up to taking meditation to another level. 

Result: Mental peace 

2. Encouraging Words

Say something super encouraging to yourself. Rather than blame, doubt, or speak harshly to yourself. Try adding a new verse or two to your repertoire. It could be – I’ve got all the conditions I need to be successful. How wonderful I’ve got this opportunity today. Imagine the positive impact my actions will have.

Result: Inspiration

3. Polaroid Pictures

Remember those great Polaroid cameras. It was amazing back then to have this magical photo pop out. Imagine you could envision clearly your day on a Polaroid and it had the caption – fresh, happy day – written on the bottom of it. 

Result: Clarity

4. Mind-Mapping

Write down a small goal for the day on a blank piece of paper. And, make a doodle next to it and then circle the whole thing. Make branches going off it with these tittles – Me, You, Why, Vibe. Color it in. Then, throughout the day branch off those whatever comes to your mind as you look at your goal.

Result: Creativity (bringing a future outcome into your path) 

5. Reading

Devote your attention to an inspiring book. I mentioned earlier that the Art of Happiness at Work was pivotal to me. Pick something that’s meaningful to you. Then, read a page every day. 

Result: Perspective 

6. Goals Review

Write down on a piece of paper your current personal goals. That’s it. 

Result: Focus

7. Body Scan

As soon as you wake-up, scan your whole body. Check if there’s any uneasiness or pain anywhere. If so, find the source. What part is holding it. Then, note this down. It’ll  increase your body awareness which leads to better emotional management. 

Result: Mindfulness

8. Gift Giving

Close your eyes at any point of the day. Imagine you could give anything you want to someone in your life that’s in need or to a group that’s close to your heart. Just take the action forward in your daydream as if you did it. 

Result: Love (expression)

9. Joy List

Keep a paper nearby and name it your joy list. Find one thing a day you can write down that brings you joy and why.

Result: Enjoyment

10. Soothing Music

Identify a song that’s very soothing to you. Then, daily, play it for a minute and let your mind absorb into the music. And, notice the qualities of what makes the music appealing to you.  

Result: Relaxation

If you love to learn things and experiment, enjoy trying one or more of these out (especially if you like to be happier). With a tiny habit you can create a growing positive energy within yourself. Let your love of learning work for you!

Put yourself in control of your own happiness.

Because it’s completely possible. 

I’d love to know which one spoke to you the most or about your experience.

Please share in the blog or write me back.