What would your daily life look like if you had all the time, energy and space you needed? 

Just suppose you could relax into your life. Enjoy it. Feel a lightness inside and feel content you’re on exactly the right path.

You see yourself doing the things that really matter and supporting the people you care about…including you. Smiles and good vibes surround you. There’s even a mischievous feeling inside because you realize you can be anything and do anything.

A wonderful feeling of joy pervades your life. 

One simple question can give you the time, energy, and space you’re constantly looking for.

Who are you relating to?

Check in with yourself right here, right now.

Are you relating to your limited self that’s struggling for things like time or a spacious self that creates the conditions that support her best?

Who’s always thinking about having more time, energy, and space? Which of the multitude of selves is that? The needy self, the anxious self, the impatient self, the dissatisfied self. 

I personally love spending time with my wisely calm self. Thankfully, I got to practice with her even more during my meditation retreat these last few weeks. I definitely learned this doesn’t happen magically – you’ve got to create causes for your best self. 

How about you? Which self would you love to lead your life every day? 

Take a look at a normal day for you and see what kind of results you’re getting. 

This is simple and profound.

The absolutely key thing to do is STOP.

You must stop and look at what’s happening. This is not a fixed, permanent situation. So, yeah, you may’ve made choices that don’t serve you well (easy to call out ’cause you have unpleasant feelings). Listen to the feedback coming straight from your heart.

Call out right now what’s not working. Relating to your limited self makes your world small, your time an overly focused on topic, energy a struggle, and your space confined. 

And, if all’s going well, I celebrate your wisely led life.

So much to learn from you because you know that relating to a self full of possibilities makes life full of joy with plenty of space for what’s really important. 

Do this simple practice and start shifting into a joyful space in your life. 

Write this question down in a highly visible place – who are you relating to. You could write it on a whiteboard, your normal notebook, on a post-it on your computer. Get creative. 

All you need to do is listen carefully – is it the self with limitations or the self full of possibilities.

Keep asking yourself over and over.

When you wake-up, eat your breakfast, commute to the office, meet with your team, call your client, talk to your mother, do your yoga practice, take that run.

And, if you want to take it further, ask yourself how would your self full of possibilities do these things. 

Have fun experimenting and spreading this concept with others.

I’d love to hear what your first reaction was to asking yourself this question. Feel free to write me back here or leave a comment on my blog.