Your mind is powerful. Just think of how when you read a book you can instantly get a mental picture of what’s going on with little effort. You can imagine everything as if it were real. Your life is the same way. You’re imagining everything. They key to a better life is imagining it it from your heart – with love. 

It’s easy to forget that creating a better life is not something that happens in the future. Instead, it’s a moment-to-moment experience happening right now. Every action you take contributes to it (or not).

Doing whatever it takes to really see it, with your eyes, is crucial. Without that clarity, you’re likely to keep imagining the same thing you’ve got. 

Until the past few years, I completely missed that critical point. It’s when I was working with my coach in India that things started to change. I started drawing again like I did when I was little. As things progressed, my coach shared the concept of creating a mind map. 

I love maps and making things up and hadn’t thought before to apply mind mapping to my life. So, I decided to open up my mind mapping software on my iPad and created a map of my future life (not a work project!). I couldn’t believe things could be as easy as that. And, guess what, better things started to show up in my life. 

If you want to take action now, here’s a 3-step process that will naturally move you toward what you really want. 

A 3-Step Approach to Appear Your Better Life

1. Make the Space for Your Better Life

This seems super obvious and yet can be the hardest step. There’s no time for this…right? The To Do list trumps a better life. I say this because I did this for sooooooo long. My guess is that when the feeling of dissatisfaction gets so high it becomes easier to make the space. 

I encourage you with my whole heart – if you’re not at peace with your current situation, do something about it. Make this space. Things will not get better unless you do something different. Know that if you don’t experience most of your days with some sense of joy and peace, you definitely need to take this space now. 

2. Do it – Appear Your Better Life

When you’ve got the space, it’s super important to make time to imagine your better life – the more detail the better. The funny thing is that this takes less time than you can imagine and has more impact than countless hours of pushing yourself with work that doesn’t mean much to you. Literally, you could make a meaningful impact within an hour’s time. 

I started with a mind map which evolved into various things like writing about it, visualizations I created in coaching sessions, and sharing my dream with others. Do what feels most comfortable for you. 

3. Feel This Better Life In Your Heart

I’ve gotten in the trap for most of my life of intellectual thinking. I was totally in my head. Then, over time, I realized the incredible power of feeling things in your heart. I stumbled into doing this and was really wondering how I was making some major changes so easily. Then, it became clear this is what shifted. 

So how do you start doing that? Put your attention at the level of your heart. Take what you imagined and feel the peace and love that flows into your heart. Then, keep recalling your vision and feeling it in your heart over and over. You’ve got to retrain your mind so continuous effort is needed here. 

In Summary

This 3-step process will give you the momentum you need to appear your better life now. If you’re committed, change will naturally happen. It’s your choice what thoughts you choose to feed – this better life or more of what you’re experiencing. Trust your loving heart will move you in the right direction. 

I’d encourage you to make a date with yourself today. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll find some relief and peace of mind. Please share in the comments what helps you make space for your better life. 



p.s, I love to mind map so feel free to reach out if you want to know more or for me to write more about them.