You care about your team a lot, don’t you.

And, you want to create a supportive environment where people feel seen, heard, and inspired to give their best. 

On the other side of it…

You’ve got demands, pressure, and struggles for your own time. 

Deep down don’t you just thrive on giving to people. 

And, when you feel stretched in supporting your team, it feels frustrating and stays there always in the back of your mind.

Like you want to give so much more and yet can hardly get what needs to be done done. 

Here’s how to create a supportive environment for your team. 

Put yourself in an environment where you feel seen, heard, and inspired to do your best.

To do that, you’ve got to approach things from a calm and confident mind.

Which means you’ve got to be a powerful coach to yourself first before your team.

This is how you can help them in a BIG way.

Listen to today’s podcast above to take one big step to making this real.

All within 5 minutes! 

Being your own best coach makes you a great coach and leader to others. 

Feel totally encouraged that taking some small steps can make a big difference to you and your team. 

Enjoy coaching your strong leader self.