The power of eating is incredible, don’t you think.

You do it three times a day. Or, if you eat small meals like me, maybe four to five times. Each of these eating moments is a valuable opportunity to stop, get present, and step back into your peaceful mind. They’re like personal peace breaks.

So, if peace is important to you, here’s your chance to start saying bye-bye to eating on the go

Do you ever wonder what’s happening when you eat on the go? 

A tense mind takes over and eats your worries and your stress. Basically, you eat your unpleasant feelings. It’s interesting as it’s hard to even taste food when that mind turns on. You do things like accept poor quality food, eat while working, and your pace is way faster than is healthy. 

I’ll share a secret with you. My whole journey to a peaceful life started with food. It’s the first place where I started to practice mindfulness.


Because I did exactly what I described a moment ago. I ran that pattern and it blew up on a tough work project in Germany. My body was not happy at all and I felt the effects of eating on the on go for almost a year. And it wasn’t food allergies, it was a lack of mindfulness that led to no peace of mind

You’d really be surprised when you step back and look at your food choices including what and how you eat and the space you do it in. If you look carefully, it’ll tell you a story about what you’re currently finding important in life.

And it’s likely those things aren’t what’s truly important to you so you don’t feel great about the situation. There’s a disconnect with your peace of mind. Taking some small steps can naturally give you the momentum to step into your peace and say a BIG no to eating on the go

3 Steps to Stop Eating on the Go

1. Get Familiar with Which Mind You’re Feeding 

You hold a specific state of mind when you eat. Whichever one is present is what’s being fed. With eating on the go, you deal with a rushed, tense mind not willing to stop for a moment. Imagine as you eat you’re giving each spoonful of your food to this negative mind. It’s getting the energy you most likely intend for your peaceful mind. 

2. Decide Which Mind You Want to Feed

All it takes is a choice to slow down eating on the go. You decide what mind you want to feed. Try something as simple as stating out loud to yourself – I choose to eat peacefully. Then, start saying this when you eat, throughout the day, whenever you want. The key is making it a new thinking habit moving towards peace.  

3. Use Eating to Trigger Your Peace

This is the beauty of eating. You’ve got to do it. So multiple times a day, you’ve got the reminder to slow down, step into your peace, and listen to your body. Have fun with this. You can start thinking about peaceful foods you can eat, the peaceful spaces you can setup (physically and in your mind), and the beautiful mind you’re feeding

The good news is you’ll be reminded when you go off track. Your mind will be disturbed or physically you may feel ill. Take those signs and turn them around. Take this awareness to renew your energy with peaceful eating. 

In Summary

Eating on the go is a choice you make over and over. Stopping it is fully in your control and starts with the recognition of what’s going on and the effects of doing it. With that clarity, you can start choosing differently and step right into your peaceful mind. Every meal you take will be a meaningful opportunity to practice. 

Your next meal is a perfect opportunity to play with this approach. I’d love it if you shared in the comments what happened when you ate with these recognitions – the mind you don’t want to feed, the mind you want to feed, and what peaceful eating looks like for you. 

I sincerely encourage you to use every moment you eat to practice a peaceful mind.