What is coaching?

Coaching is a process where you define what you want in your life and create your own solutions. I use proven systems to guide you to create lasting, powerful change. We focus on moving forward rather than looking at the past. I provide an advice-free space that supports you to shift attitudes, behaviors, and habits.

You will find that your life changes as you:

  • Enhance your personal awareness
  • Design and create your life more intentionally
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Know and live your values more fully
  • Stop struggling with what is bringing you down – where you are “stuck”
  • Take more effective and focused actions
  • Create momentum so that it is easier to get results
How does our coaching relationship work?

In our initial session, I work with you to understand exactly what it is you want for yourself and where you currently are at. This session is on me! This conversation creates the focus for your overall coaching program.

We engage in a series of sessions based on the length of program you select or that you custom design. You set the agenda for each session and I support you through processes and techniques best suited to the outcome you want while keeping in mind your long-term vision.

At the end of your program, we review your progress, celebrate your learning, and agree the way forward. I am available throughout for on-the-spot coaching via email or phone.

What’s special about your coaching style?

I support you to understand where you are, where you want to be, identify the gaps, and to map the way forward. Each individual client is different and achieves results in their own unique way. I treat no two clients the same. The strategies, processes, and tools that I use to move you forward are ones that I know will work for you. As an NLP practitioner, I bring those skills into our sessions as needed to better support you.

I use my extensive global professional services and business start-up experience to help you navigate through work-related outcomes. Oh yes – there is that little thing called workaholism. I am fully versed and here to support the healing process.

Do we work on personal or professional goals together?

Changes in one part of your life will impact others. I believe that a holistic approach to coaching (incorporating both personal and professional) supports a more balanced lifestyle.

One of the benefits of my coaching style is that the program is individually customized to fit your needs. So, it’s your decision if we focus on personal or professional goals – or a combination of both. I do recommend that we address your aims with an overall focus on your overall life vision.

Are the sessions confidential?

Absolutely. The foundation of an effective coaching relationship is trust. It is critical that the confidentiality of our conversations be totally safe. I comply with the International Coach Federation pledge of ethics.

Do you only coach people in your area?

I thrive on working with people from around the world. We can connect using Skype or the good old phone. I am available for live sessions depending on my current location – I do travel often so it is hard to give a fixed place.

Why is the Awareness Session complimentary?

If we are a fit, we have a private 45-minute Awareness Session. You share aspects of your current life experience, as well as your dreams and goals so I can personally get to know you and what you care about. As we work through the session, you experience my coaching style. You leave this private, complimentary session with a greater sense of your most important priority for the future.

How is coaching different than counseling?

Coaching is a process that supports you to recognize where you are and moves you toward creating a more meaningful and satisfying life. Counseling goes deep into various issues usually dealing with the past and focuses on a problem that needs fixing. Coaching is solution-oriented and focuses primarily on the present and future. Coaching does not involve giving advice or telling you how to do a certain something. Rather, strategic, purposeful questions are asked of you to discover the solutions from within yourself – determine your own “answers”.

How is coaching different from consulting?

Consultants assess your needs and offer their general solutions based on their specialized expertise to “fix the problem”. A coach, rather, uses a variety of tools and processes to assist you to generate your own solutions.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

We have patterns in everything we do – how we learn, fall asleep, get motivated, procrastinate, fall in love, eat, exercise, get busy, get frustrated, be happy, everything! Every pattern is pre-empted by a thought (conscious or unconscious).

NLP is a tool to understand how the language of our mind creates and runs patterns we have in our life. When we have this understanding, we can apply a variety of NLP processes to enhance, change, or alter patterns of thought, behavior, and emotion.

To be more technical, NLP can be defined as follows:

  • Neuro – the study of the brain and its neurological processes (our experiences, conscious and unconscious through our 5 senses and central nervous system)
  • Linguistic – the language we use (both positive and negative, verbal and non-verbal)
  • Programming – the behavioral patterns we learn through our experiences – your habits and patterns (like your own internal software)
What is the difference between NLP and regular coaching?

NLP is a more directive process than regular coaching with a set outcome in mind. I guide you through a structured process to achieve a clear result. NLP includes a wonderful array of tools to support change ranging from creating a mental state, anchoring that state, exploring contrasting states, building a personal circle of excellence, negotiating internal conflict, reframing experiences, changing old beliefs, and many more! The overall aim is to guide personal change to achieve optimum states of excellence.

High achievers – NLP is definitely for you! You will walk away with personal development tools and methods for improving your own and others’ performance.


How do I get started?

It is easy! Click here and complete a coaching application.