The days starts. As you get ready, you mull over what to wear for the day. You dress things up maybe with a scarf or that cute new bag. When this works, you feel light of heart. The prep time totally pays off. So, why not access an even more reliable form of lightness to bring into your day. All it takes is shifting your focus from your clothes to your mind.

Consider this in reverse.

Instead of starting your day thinking what you’ll physically wear, you think about what mind you’ll wear into the day. What would you love for it to look like? For example, you may choose to wear a calm, clear, and creative mind into the day.

It makes me lovingly laugh at myself to think back at my chaotic days. If my physical outfit mirrored my mental state, this is what it’d look like. My clothes would be worn-out and in need of laundering. There’d be holes in places I wouldn’t want. The colors wouldn’t match and be quite dull. I’d definitely be carrying more bags than necessary.

This is the secret reason why the same outfit makes you feel great one day and than yucky the next. It’s because no matter what chic clothing choices you make your mental state can shift everything. So, perhaps you can save yourself a lot of shopping time and make these chic choices below to lighten up your experiences.

Chic Choices to Lighten Your Day

1. Make a Sincere Wish

Imagine the process you go through when you pick out what you’re going to wear. You see your options and then take a decision. And, what’s running behind this is that you’re making a wish for showing up in a certain way. This is habitual.

The next time you think of what you’re going to wear ask yourself what is it you want from wearing that. And, then when you know that, ask yourself again what’s deeper than that. And then do that process again. Do this at least three times.  It’ll give you strong clues as to what mindset you care to wear.

For example, I want to wear this because I want to look graceful. I want to look graceful because I want to feel accepted. I want to feel accepted so I feel at ease. I want to feel at ease so I feel at peace. You can go as far as you want. It sharpens your true wish with each repetition.

Make your wish for your mindset for the day crystal clear. Using the same example, you may say something like “I wish to go throughout this day with a peaceful mind”. Take a moment to truly feel what that mind would feel like.

2. Stay Focused on the Intention

During the day, you consistently check-in on what you’re wearing. You make sure your scarf looks right, your shirt’s tucked in, your make-up is intact, and nothing’s in your teeth. You care that your attire remains intact throughout the day.

How about doing the same with your mind? Check it in the same way. Carrying along with the same example, is your peaceful mind in place? It may be far off track which is totally ok. Starting to notice where it is and is not is a very important step.

With practice, you’ll be able to consistently make that chic choice to pull your mind back to the place you want it to be. Then, eventually, it’ll become a habit.

3. Appreciate the Whole Process

I love the idea of thanking your clothes during and at the end of your day. They’ve served you. Without them, you’d be naked and that would be a whole other experience! Why not do the same thing with your mind.

Thank it through out the day for making that chic choice to be light. Consider the miracle of how your mind transforms your day. I heard a lovely verse shared by Deepak Chopra. He said “When you’re grateful, you find grace”. When you find grace, it shines through to everyone in your path. How chic is that?!

Even if your mind has wondered from your wish, it tried. You noticed it. That’s important.

It’s so encouraging. You can make major differences in your day through these small mindset shifts and new habits. And, no real time is needed. Take a moment and consider how your chic choices will bring the lightness you desire.

You can do this. And, imagine all that time and money saved looking for the right things to wear.

A Simple Action to Gain Momentum

Try experimenting tomorrow. See how that one minute of deciding what you’ll mind will wear affects your day. Please share what struck you the most in the comments. I’m enthused to hear about the empowering minds you create.