I hope you don’t mind if I share this. It’s a truth so easy to overlook. You’ll never have control over time. No matter how much planning, strategizing, prioritizing you do, it’s out of your control. What you can always control is your mind. Mindfulness gives you greater self-awareness and perspective.

You’re a multi-dimensional being. When you focus on time, you’re only hitting one small piece of that puzzle. It’s my wish that you see the whole beautiful picture. I know you can do it.

Take this in for a moment.

Definition for Mindfulness

A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique

Where Time Prioritization Takes You

I can say without a doubt I didn’t use mindfulness for most of my career. And, I paid for it dearly. I did hold onto my status reports, notebook, and list of things to do with an iron grip. As I read through those, I prioritized to my heart’s content. And guess what? I felt uneasy most of the time.

I’d attached my peace to those things I prioritized being done. How dangerous is that!

Does this sound familiar at all? Or is it just me.

What do Results Mean to You?

Isn’t it interesting too the word results. It could mean getting the job done, meeting expectations, getting promoted, being acknowledged. Or, is it possible the real results are experiencing some peace in your life? To feel at ease and be in the moment – no matter what comes your way.

Wrapping it Up

Now, as a leader, I choose mindfulness over time prioritization every day.

It’s hard to imagine anymore time prioritization without mindfulness. Mindfulness takes your game to a totally different level. It’s a stable foundation, whereas, time prioritization only skims the surface. You save loads of time, become more expansive in your thinking, and get the meaningful things done sans the struggle.

Some Easy First Steps

Here’s a small thing to do in growing your skill with mindfulness. Define for yourself the meaning of results. Step back and see what insight you take away from that. Take a few notes so you can focus your attention.

I’d love to see your definition of results in the comments.

If you like the feel of this, start noticing what people, places, and resources exude mindfulness. Start spending time with these and things will naturally unfold.

xo Jennifer