Do you ever step back and wonder – how patient are you with yourself? 

I had a nice, long chat with a friend last night.

And, as we were talking, I shared how most of my adult life (and to be honest childhood) I felt like I was failing. The pressure I put on myself especially at work was intense. 

No matter what my report card or later on performance review said, I could never shake this feeling that I wasn’t doing as well as I should. There was this dread that one day someone would realize and call me out. 

Who knows where that came from.

This led to a closet full of selves – the anxious self, the worried self, the busy self, the depressed self, the overwhelmed self.

I definitely was not associating with my patient self. Thus, the source of the problem.

Because you can’t solve a problem inside a problem…meaning you can’t solve a problem inside a negative state of mind.

What you can do is apply a mind of patience and solve your problems.

It bypasses the mind of angry rejection that keeps you stuck. 

On today’s Create Everyday podcast episode, I go deeper into how to be more patient with yourself and a simple 3-step practice to  bring a better experience into your daily life. 

Know all it takes is one little shift, a different thought, a new view of yourself to be happier. 

Once you’ve gone through the small patience practice, write me back or leave a comment here. Let me know what is one sign that tells you you’re identifying with your patient self. And, please spread whatever insight you have with people you care about. 

Wishing you a beautiful day.