Now is a Good Time

You’re in a great position. 

Yeah. You may be in over your head. Or, your job may really not be a fit for you. 

How will you ever know if you don’t step back and imagine what it is you really want?

Then, work from there. You can stay in your secure job and start living the life you want. No need to ramp up the anxiety when you can do both at the same time. 

I’m not saying this is forever. It’s just until you’re crystal clear on what’s next. That’s exactly what I did and what I see my clients do from partners, CFOs, VPs, Managing Directors to business owners. You can do it too. 

All you need is trust and imagination.

And, if you feel like that’s impossible, I’m here to tell you anything is possible

That’s exactly what I told a group of about 50 new managers in Kolkata, India in 2011. Standing there as the CFO for that PricewaterhouseCoopers business, I realized I’d traveled a long way from the shy girl from small-town Illinois.

And, I knew in a moment how true this principle was.

I had to ask myself – Without trust and imagination, how else did I end up living in India for years doing a job far outside my comfort zone, wearing saris, being part of pujas, going for arte at hindu temples, walking down the Ganges like it’s Lake Michigan, and spending half my time on planes traveling around the world?

Now,  I’m a certified ACC life coach and master NLP practitioner and my CFO label blew away like a leaf in the wind.

I’m ready to guide you to become your most calm, confident, and courageous self too.  

And, I know that’s possible because I already started believing that for you

You Can Be Calm from the Inside Out.

Although it may not feel like it right now. 

Do you know what this is like?

You act calm on the outside and inside a different story is playing. You’re anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed most of the time. It’s so strong it wakes you up in the middle of the night in a panic.

That was me too.

What is it about 2am?!

It’s dangerous to let these mental habits live in the dark. You’ve got to face them so their energy will fade. This means letting go of the habit of being busy. It’s masking the real situation. It’s depriving you of the happiness and joy you deserve.

You can be calm from the inside out.

It just takes faith, focus, and practice.

How I Can Help You 

I made loads of mistakes for you and ultimately learned how you make yourself happy and peaceful.

It’s not about your job, your relationship, that project, your team, nothing outside of you. I’ll take you right past the mistaken thought your dissatisfaction is because of these things.

With me, you’ve got someone there to help you step into a life you love  now, not after you change your job.

From my in-depth experience with professional coaching and meditation, I guide you to train your mind to take you in the direction you truly want to go and be content in the moment.

The truth is stepping into a more focused and confident self takes practice like with any other skill. It helps to have someone with you that’s been through it too.

What Letting Go of Busy Means

If you want to know more about who you’ve got on your side. Here goes

I found myself in India at the end of my expat assignment knowing something had to change. I took a long sabbatical to step back from the busy life I thought I was suppose to lead. I moved back to Chicago and resigned from my US role as Managing Director at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

And, it was easy. Why?

Because for the first time, I relied on my values to lead me forward. Of course, it took some time to figure out exactly what those were! Now, I’m committed to them and that’s the best relationship I’ve ever had.

I move through life driven by love not fear. 

It seems like quite the coincidence that I lived in the City of Joy (Kolkata, India) and was driven around and protected the whole time by my friend, Bijoy (bee-joy). And, these days, my life is pervaded with joy.

So, I lead a simple, relaxed life that’s got lots of space for people, experiences, and most importantly for my mind. I take responsibility for the energy I put into the world. I still travel a lot and indulge my love of different cultures, perspectives, and, of course, food! And, India holds a special place in my heart because I found mine there.

This give me the ability to fully focus on you and your needs. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I already feel the connection. 

With love and ease.


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