One of my clients shared a great insight with me. 

She realized her bigger picture wasn’t about a place but about the decisions she was making. 

Because each decision creates our life doesn’t it.

Everything starts there. 

Including the constant worrying

I definitely get caught in that loop. Yet, I know there are ways out of it. I don’t have to stay in it. 

Because I say YES to a calm mind. And, NO to a worrying mind. 

And, it’s not because I’m special. It’s because I can’t take it anymore.

All the getting lost in the what ifs, the feeling of instability, wanting more of this and that. And, resisting what’s happening that I don’t like which IS actually happening. 

I’m by no means perfect. But, I consistently make progress every day because I’ve made a commitment. 

Stuffing your feelings doesn’t work.


And, I love when my clients also start realizing it doesn’t work and they can do something about it. 

It’s like letting go of a balloon to float away in the wind. 

Because I’m not able to work one-on-one with you all the time, here’s some important questions to ask yourself. This is a powerful way to provoke yourself out of your worrying state

Start small and pick one. Contemplate it for a couple days. You don’t have to do everything. 


10 Questions to Stop the Constant Worrying

1. What is the positive intention of all your worrying?

2. How do you want to show up for yourself and everyone around you?

3.  Who can help you move past this worrying habit? 

4. How can you be inspired by someone you admire who moves through things calmly? 

5. How can you create an environment for balanced thinking?

6. What skills and capabilities can help you move forward positively? 

7. What do you want to say yes to and no to as it relates to your worrying? 

8. How much time and energy could you save by stopping the worrying? 

9. What is the impact you want to have on those around you? 

10. What kind of lifestyle will support more calm in your day-to-day? 


Yes, you could get all elaborate about what to do to stop this. You could go to a therapist and talk about what’s gone wrong in your past. Or even, keep pushing it down.

I’d highly encourage you to keep it simple. Start asking questions. Be mindful. And, this powerful questioning will be an important start to the stopping of your worrying. 

Play with a question for a few days. Keep asking yourself it. Let me know what one caught your attention most. 

And, if you’ve got a beautiful journal you keep wanting to use, open it up. Start writing. The insight will flow out. 

Enjoy the lightness it brings.