You know the feeling you get when you feel acknowledged, appreciated…. like you matter?

It feels great, doesn’t it? It boosts your self-confidence and reminds you that you provide value to others.

What if you consciously took time  – right now –  thoughtfully honor your team? How would that shift your experience as you enter into 2016?

Who are those those people that show up for you no matter what happens? Who do you reach out to for support and guidance? Who takes care of important things for you at home and at work?

While I lived in India on a work assignment, I relied on a team to help me with basic needs: getting from Point A to Point B in a foreign country, where to eat, where to stay. As I birthed my business, I relied on a team to help me build new skills, brainstorm and act as advisors. You may have long-lasting teams and new teams that have arisen. Who is on your team?

Once you’ve got a team in mind, consider the below ways to acknowledge, appreciate and honor them.

5 Thoughtful Ways to Honor Your Team

1. Share a handwritten gratitude list

People appreciate being acknowledged. A handwritten gratitude list is a simple gesture with big impact. The medium doesn’t matter so much – it can be on a sheet of beautiful paper, or the back of a napkin — the message is what matters.

2. Reflect on what’s going on in their lives

Give yourself space to consider what you know is going on with your team members. Imagine yourself in each of their positions. Come up with one small action you can take that shows them they’re seen and heard. Their preferences could range from a small gift, a voice note, doing something on their behalf, or a hug. You’ll know what fits the situation if you look deeply inside.

3. Arrange a celebration event

Giving attention and time to your team is an important gift. Schedule a special time to be together: as simple as arranging a breakfast outing, a get-together at your home, an afternoon tea, or a trip to the salon.

4. Use a team mantra

Did you know that what you’re thinking influences everything you say and do? You can silently honor your team by setting a positive intention for them. By saying this intention often to yourself, you create your own team mantra. The repetition helps to focus your concentration and strengthen the intention. Here are a few examples. I know everyone is doing the best they can. I know there is a positive intention behind every behavior. I know what is important to my team.

5. Honor yourself

When people see how you treat yourself, they model that behavior. Consider ways that you can show how much you value yourself. If you’re someone known to be busy all the time, take steps to slow down. Show others how you appreciate your time and energy.

Honoring others is a a gift that keeps giving back. See how creative you can be.