A very wise teacher told me that if you hold a peaceful mind then you’ll be happy. So, logic tells me if you don’t have a peaceful mind, you won’t be happy. I’m guessing when your busy mind is in action there’s no peace to be found. And, you deserve to be peaceful and happy. All it takes is learning new ways of thinking. 

I sincerely request that you pause for a moment and really take this point in. 

Imagine the last time you felt truly peaceful. How happy did you feel? 

And, imagine the last time you were feeling busy. How happy did you feel?

I can only share what I know from my own experience – the impact I had on myself and others. This is extremely important for you to investigate on your own. 

If you want to be peaceful and happy, you can move that direction by changing your way of thinking. It’s as easy as that. This is not about taking loads of time to do something.

It’s ironic because being busy is an attempt at gaining some peace and that’s not the way to find it at all. You’ve got to step back, gain some space, and see how your familiarity with busy, distracted thinking is affecting you. 

Take a breath and get ready to try something totally new. Here are some impactful ways of thinking that will take you where you want to go. 

5 Ways of Thinking to Be More Peaceful

1. Don’t Believe Everything You Think

You’re mind can go very fast and churn out loads of confused and negative thoughts. You may be feeling like you’re failing at something. Or, you may think that you don’t have enough time. You may think that you’re letting someone down. It’s ok. These are only thought habits. 

You can do yourself a big favor right now. Next time a negative thought arises, ask yourself – is it true? Thanks to this wonderful book I read years ago I no longer hold every thought I have as being absolutely true. My thoughts became more flexible and not so concrete. It was a huge relief and I’d love for you to experience that too. 

2. Inner Balance will Lead to Outer Balance

I’m sharing this new thought to put in your repertoire. As long as I worked in the corporate world, everyone seemed to be seeking some kind of work-life balance. I will tell you the honest truth. The only way you find balance in your external life is to find your balance inside. The sooner you start adopting this thought the faster you’ll see balance come into your life.  

3. You’re a Peaceful Person

What does a peaceful person do? Imagine for a moment. How would a peaceful person walk in a room, show up for work, or talk to other people? Who and what would they surround themselves with? Now, step into thinking of being that peaceful person.

What would inspire you to find at least 5 minutes a day to imagine yourself being peaceful? 

This may shock you. Taking these 5 minutes will be more helpful than a lifetime of aimless “doing”. If you don’t believe me, look at what’s transpired up until now. 

4. Your Effort is meant to be Joyful and Relaxed 

I care about your peaceful mind so I’ve got to say this. Stop indulging in the thoughts like life is hard or work is hard. These thoughts are so unhelpful. Seriously, if you’re struggling doing something, it’s definitely not working.

You know that you’re moving towards peace when how you work is joyful and relaxed. The first step to moving there is to actually begin thinking in a new way about effort. I dare you to try and see what happens.

5. Resting is a Sign of Courage

A myth I hear a lot is resting is a sign of laziness. Resting is probably the hardest thing for most people to do.

Why? Because when you rest, all those uneasy feelings you’ve been pushing down arise. It’s a lot easier to keep repressing them and do nothing. Unfortunately, this does nothing to feed your peaceful mind. Please know resting is absolutely essential in your life. Start leaning into this thought and see how it can help you. 

In Summary

Adopting new ways of thinking is the key to being more peaceful. When you’re peaceful, you’re happy which is good for you and all the other people in your life. You can commit to new ways of thinking anytime you want and can practice anywhere. 

To have read through this is a big deal. Please make the effort really worthwhile. Pick one new way of thinking to adopt and give yourself 5 minutes a day to start concentrating on it (ideally for the next three weeks.) I’d love to know what you picked so please share in the comments. 

And, please be patient with yourself. This takes a lot of mindfulness and courage to commit to. 

Encouraging you.