I’ve shared a lot over the past two weeks about how to learn and how to move through it well. A very important thing to watch out for is Unconscious Incompetence. This is the trickiest part of it all.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

And, if it’s important (even essential to your life) to know, you’ll feel bad inside and not know why. Finding ways to get smart about these feelings will help you bring a lot more clarity into your life and help you find some much needed peace of mind.

When I started my adventure outside of the corporate world, my main focus was building healthier habits for my body and mind. Habits. My focus was almost entirely on habits.

It was outside my field of understanding initially that I needed to focus first on the state of mind I was carrying through my life. And, very importantly, why this was important. 

Please remember this because it’s something that can be life-changing.

Holding positive states of mind is a skill that’s absolutely foundational to your life. You learn these. They’re not part of your DNA. This is the only thing you can control in your life. And, if you really want to make a meaningful investment in yourself, focus here first. It’ll make everything easier. Everything. 

Work with your inner technology not against it. You’ll learn the right things a lot faster. 


3 Simple Practices to Learn Right Things

1. Notice Uneasy Feelings

If you’re persistently worried, stressed, feeling tired, you’ve got clear signals of a major learning need. And, this is a over-arching need much higher than things like bringing in new team members to help, changing where you work, or building better time management skills. I beg you not to push past these bad feelings and do nothing. This is hurting your heart. 

2. Name Your Desired State of Mind

This is the easiest part of all. By simply calling out your persistent negative state of mind, you can easily determine the one that needs to be stronger. So say you’re stressed, the opposite state of mind might be calm for you. An important thing to note is that any positive state of mind has peace as a core ingredient. So, you definitely will need to work on and really learn how to cultivate your peaceful mind. 

3. Practice with Discipline

Now, you’ve noticed the negative mind you’re carrying and named the one you want. This practice is about doing something productive about it. States of minds can be developed, cultivated, and made to grow effortlessly. This is something you learn. I’m guessing if you’ve not done anything about this until now that you may need help. 

You’re very lucky because many resources are out there to help with developing positive mindsets. Some options are going to a local meditation center, using meditation apps on your phone, working with a coach, spending time with positive-minded people, google to get really smart about it. Know that having the right teacher(s) will be key. 

In Summary

If you’re going to spend the effort learning something, start with what really matters – your state of mind. Your body is super smart and will give clear signals about which direction to look and what minds will help you. And, as a default, you know that building a peaceful mindset always is part of the solution. Empower yourself, have some fun, and get the peace of mind you deserve. 

You can put these practices into play any time a bad feeling arises for you. I encourage you to start naming the mindset you’d love to work on first. Please share what you decide in the comments. 

Making things easier,