Oh yes!

Here we are!

We’re upon the time of year when we create and commit to New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like me, a new year sparks an energy of renewal.

Did you know that your New Year’s resolution can become more powerful — and more attainable — through shifts in your thinking and approach?

Let me explain: Resolutions tend to be action-oriented. You may pledge to start an exercise routine, join a networking organization, take cooking classes, or organize your closets. Imagine if you move forward with your higher-level thinking engaged. (For me, it was a total revelation when I realized the power of this shift!)

Action-oriented resolutions are just like detailed steps in an action plan. Just suppose you start a new project for work. You lay out the mission statement, identify the team members, set timelines, allocate resources, and determine the capabilities needed. You are clear on where you’re going, the destination, and why you are going there. It’s the standard you would set in your professional projects; why not do the same for your own personal projects?

So, get ready to step back and have some fun by making it Project: YOU!

Three Secret Ingredients to Powerful Resolutions

These have big impact with a lot less effort. Apply these to any resolution. 

1. Vision 

Spend 15 minutes to create – in your mind – the most wonderful vision of yourself experiencing life in 2016. Who do you see yourself being? What do you see yourself doing? What type of community are you in? Who is impacted by your work? Make your vision come alive. See it in color. Pay attention to what you are hearing and the types of feelings that come from the vision. The more vivid it is, the better! Think of your vision like a movie. You’re the director. You’re creating your own mini-movie that you can run daily in your head for the next three weeks. It’s a simple, upfront investment of 15 minutes to create the vision and a daily investment of 30 seconds to re-run it in your mind’s eye.

2. Choices

Be bold. Take a stand. Perhaps you see yourself slowing down, focusing on your family, and building new skills. You may be making choices to say no to new work, yes to learning something new, no to fatigue, yes to living more in the present. Make choices that you want to make and are 100% authentically you.

3. Values

Getting super clear on your values is essential to amp up your commitment to new resolutions. Why is the overall vision important to you? What is it giving you? Are you looking for more balance, peace, learning, love, or relaxation. Spend some time here. Learn about what your values are and reflect on those that are core ones. Sharpening your focus on your values is freeing.

I encourage you to start 2016 anew using these three secret ingredients as you work toward setting resolutions. Make yourself your number one project. Take the time to set it up right. It’ll be a lot more fun, faster, and easier.

By knowing these secret ingredients, how does this shift your approach in setting your 2016 New Year’s resolutions?