It’s interesting how you practice lots of things when you’re growing up. Dance ballet. Ride a bike. Draw a picture. The process for how to do it is clear. There’s a teacher, regular practices, and social support. You can use this same process to grow your confidence.

Isn’t this a great place to start. Your confidence impacts everything you do. It’s the number one ingredient in your life experiences. It’s the foundation of learning how to learn. (And if you’re wanting to let go of busy, you’ll need plenty of it!)

Up until now, you probably put your “confidence hat” on at the end of a learning process. When you feel “finished.” Or sometimes, you may never put that confidence hat on at all. Just suppose you put it on first. How helpful is that when you’re encountering new things to learn every day.

Here’s a great example of starting at the beginning: my 9-year old nephew’s morning school routine. Each day, his class declares enthusiastically “I’m wonderful, I’m intelligent, and I’m kind”. They get their whole being into it by using body movements to express these beliefs.

How’s that for a powerful confidence booster first thing in the morning. The timing is interesting, too. It’s right before the learning process begins.

What if you started your morning off the same way?

I give it to his teacher for her creativity. She taught her students a practice. (Big bonus – it hit across visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modes.) So, they received a clear understanding. Then, they practiced as a group.

And, I’ll tell you a secret. I noticed something important as I began training in NLP. The most common client request was to grow their confidence. So here are some ways that you can confidently grow yours!

3 Forgotten Ways to Grow Your Confidence

1. Find a teacher 

You can pick someone that’s alive or passed on. Teachers come in all different forms. It may be a friend, Gandhi, a coach, or a mentor. The important part is they embody confidence in a way you want it. With this teacher, you can easily model the way forward. Being present with them (physically or in your mind) already let’s a wave of confidence flow in.

2. Do confidence practices regularly

With a live person, ask them lots of questions. Spend time with them. Learn what they practically do. Do they have resources you can use – books, videos, processes. With someone who’s not in your life, like Gandhi, read books and study how they go about it.

Make a list of practices for yourself. These may be things like: meditation, visualization, posture memory, state/sensory recipes, circles of excellence, anchoring, drawings, journaling, eye gazing. With clear practices, you know what to do. Now, it’s your time to take consistent action. Gain momentum.

3. Involve your social circle

First step: name it. You may have people already in your close circle. Or, there may be people you want to add. Make this group exactly how you want it. Keep focused on the aim – grow your confidence. This means you’ll move fast by being vulnerable. Ask for help out loud. Know that you’ll be supported.

The beauty in it all. Once you’ve practiced enough, you’ll master it. The teacher, teachings, and support will reside in you. Just like how you can ride a bike. No matter how long it’s been.

Tell me. What is one tiny step you can take now to grow your confidence today?