I know your time is valuable. You’re faced constantly with decisions throughout the day. Your precious time is swallowed up quickly ruminating on what to do. Instead of feeling inspired, you feel drained. Using a consistent, reliable method helps you get to better decisions in less time.

When you’re making better decisions, you move forward with peace of mind.

I found myself in a sea  of decisions working as the CFO of a start-up company in India. Taking decisions was a non-stop process. I admit I struggled with it….a LOT! I was doing my best and it wasn’t working that great.

Now, I know it’s as simple as learning an effective way to approach the process. It definitely isn‘t about being good enough. Getting to these better decisions takes doing something different. It’s important to step away from the same approach as you’ll continue to get the same result.

Take the time to build your approach and save yourself loads of time.

The best part is you’ll know you’ve got it right when you’re acting from a place of love instead of fear.

3 Easy Ways to Better Decisions

1. Find the Right Teacher

Decision-making is a skill. It’s so important I feel it’d be immensely valuable to be taught from the first grade forward! When I took my NLP training, I was relieved to know a scientific strategy for how a decision is made. And, what’s more, it covered the mindset to carry into it and the “insanity” loops to be aware of.

With the right teacher, you can quickly progress to making inspirational decisions from a place of trust and love. You’ve got options. It may be working with a role model, a teacher, or a coach.

2. Practice Consistently

Here’s where you’re lucky. You’ve got endless opportunities to practice decision-making. Once you’ve got the right teacher, you can take what you learn and practice every day.

If you’re not ready for a teacher, write out your current steps to take a decision. Become conscious of your steps and what’s not working. Look at those steps and add something more effective. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to gain this clarity. It’ll start saving you time and uneasy feelings.

It’s helpful to start with smaller things to build your experience. For example, you may want to play around with decisions for clothing or what you eat. Then, move on to more complex situations in other areas of your life.

3. Seek out Support

Share with at least 3 friends the outcomes you’re focused on achieving with better decision-making. Try to get a mix of friends that see you regularly including at work. Setup a time with them once every other week to share what’s working, what’s not, and what’re your next actions.

Celebrate your accomplishments. This accountability will be encouraging and likely to be fun too.

Using these 3 ways, you’ll get clear on a more practical approach for making decisions. The value of your time will increase. You’ll see for yourself which way works and which doesn’t.

Enjoy making decisions with an open heart. You’ll feel the difference.

Now that you’ve gained some insight, it’s time for action. Share in the comments below what first step you’ll take to become more aware of what’s working or not with your decision-making process.

Let’s get the momentum going!