I’m not going to share here truths about the latest time-saving tips or prioritization methods. I’m taking this conversation to a different level. This is about knowing what time is about. Knowing the deeper truths that’ll help you discover what you really want. And take action to get it!

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading through some of my old journals. I came across an important note in one. I’d read this book, Happy for No Reason, which led me to question a lot of things. This book pointed out that you get caught up in thinking “If I have more of [x], I’ll be happy”.

For fun, I wrote down some crazy thoughts I was having. What did I need more of to be happy? Of course, time popped up on that list. So, essentially, I was saying I’d be happy if I had more time. Ahhhh! That’s wasn’t a great place to be. Thankfully, this new awareness helped me begin taking energy out of that limiting belief.

Letting go of that old belief led me to open my mind to deeper truths that have always been there.

Truth #1: Time isn’t what you really want

Time is a means to an end. It’s what’s called an external value. This means that you’re valuing something that comes from outside of you. You don’t have control over it. It’s something that helps you get to an internal value (“end state”). For example, you may want more time because you want to be at – peace, happy, calm, or present.

This is extremely important to remember. No matter how hard you work to have more time, it’ll never get to you to that end state. You’ve got to step into being that end state. Rather than waiting until you have time to do it. You’ve got complete control over this.

Practice: Ask yourself what’s the end state you’re trying to achieve. If you have more time, you’ll have _______. Be sure this is an internal value. Something that’s in your control. 

Bonus: Step right into the state of peace right now. Close your eyes. Think of the most peaceful experience you’ve ever had. Focus on that for a minute or two. Notice what sensations you’re having and what you see around you. When you open your eyes consider that you didn’t need any more time to get into that state.

Truth #2: You’re telling yourself a story about time

This is an interesting one to realize. You’ve made up a story and it’s so strong it pervades all areas of your life. You say it to yourself. You say it to your friends. You say it to everyone. You may not have enough time, want more time, or are always running out of time. You’re creating the time scarcity. Please for the love of all that’s holy drop that story. Otherwise, it’s always going to be your reality.

Practice: Keep a sheet of paper out next to you for one day. On the top, make two columns. Label the first column Current Time Stories and the second column New Time Stories. Write down in Current Time Stories any phrases you use about time or hear others using. It could be in a conversation, an email, a video, in a book. At the end of the day, read them and then write a new time story in the New Time Stories column.

Truth #3: Time is like rented space

Imagine your calendar for a minute. Say it’s like a home you’re renting. The calendar itself is the overall framework and structure of the home. Each time slot is a separate room or space in that home. You’ve got the choice as to what’s in each slot. What the style and vibe will be. It’s a matter of filling the spaces consciously.

Practice: Be playful and it’s ok to laugh at yourself. Pretend your a detective. Take notes. Look back at your calendar for the past few weeks. What does it say about your personal style? How does it align with what’s really important to you? 

I’m thankful for the mindfulness I can sense you’ve brought to reading this post. By getting deeper into these three truths, you’ve begun the process of familiarizing yourself with new ways of thinking. You’re on the path to knowing what it is you really want. And the good news is you can have it right now without any more struggle with time.

Take a few minutes and discuss these truths with a friend or a family member. Please let me know in the comments below which of these truths hit the deepest with you. This sharing helps us all to learn more and expand our ways of thinking. Merci.