Your dream is to get enough sleep to feel refreshed and ready for each day. However, you find yourself repeating the message that you are tired over and over again without any change in the situation. You become more frustrated and controlled by your external situation. You may take some small action. Yet, this problem cycle continues. The fatigue fades to some degree and then swings back into full effect.

Here are 3 common mistakes to overcome fatigue.

1. Wish on a star – You set an intention to get the sleep you need but there is no attention given to creating a solution. By adding attention to your intention, you have a powerful combination to change and move forward. Focus your attention on the true cause of your fatigue. Use quiet personal reflection, meditation, and journaling to support you.

2. Caffeine and sugar as pick-me-ups – Your body tells you to do the opposite. Refrain from caffeine and sugar because it negatively affects your behavior and energy levels. When we live in a cleaner way, our thinking is clearer and our emotional intelligence is more stable. Make a commitment to a take a small step today. Have a half a cup of coffee to start the day. Introduce a healthier beverage as a replacement. Limit yourself to one sweet at lunch.

3. Help from habits – You may focus your attention on habits you feel are leading to the fatigue. You don’t connect with who you are “being” that causes the problem. Einstein was quoted to have said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. Step back and look at the big picture. Rise above your habits. Ask yourself who do you want to be and why is that important to you. Consider what choices you can make to change your experience.

These mistakes provide useful feedback for developing practical solutions. What else is not working for you? How can you learn from the feedback and move towards a solution?