I’ve learned a hard truth. Having a busy mind blocks creativity and insight. There’s no space. It’s taken over by worries, excess energy, distraction. You name it.

It takes practice to let go and move to a place where creativity and insight can grow.

Imagine what the inside of a busy mind looks like: There’s chaos, confusion. If I look into mine, it’s tangled up with words and pictures. Voices come from all different directions – some loud and some not clear. The lights are off in places. It feels heavy.

I imagine the thought of a busy mind makes you feel uneasy, like it does to me.

What if you could open a space in your mind? What if the inside of your mind had that clarity?

You’ll notice that subtle things pop up that didn’t before. Things connect. Fresh insight arises. You open a door to move forward. This insight naturally flows to other people – at home, at work, and in your community.

Let this moment act as an invitation to open space in your mind. Clear away all the clutter. Stretch your arms out. Twist from side to side. Walk backwards if you want.

Give yourself 2 minutes now to practice creating a space for insights to grow.

2 Minute Practice on Creative Insight

Find a safe, comfortable place where you won’t be distracted.

Call up an important question you’d care to explore. What’s grabbing your attention now?

1. Relax yourself

Do the opposite of what you’ve traditionally thought. Totally relax. This step is crucial. Focus only on your breath for the first 30 second. Notice yourself breathing in and breathing out. Get into the rhythm.

2. Empty your mind

Imagine a light running through your entire body clearing a space for you. Any distracting thought, emotion, sound is swept away. It’s silent. Everything is still.

3. Create an image

Take a snapshot of what arises when you ask yourself this question. What shows up and how does it sound? Make it rich in details. Settle your focus on it.

4. Observe the image

Be an observer. Neutral. Expand the picture out. Open up the edges. What do you see in the wider picture? Then, climb above it and look down. What can you see now that you couldn’t at ground level? Soak this all in.

Don’t try to figure anything out.

5. Let go of the image

Put your attention on your breath again. Inhale and exhale. Let go of the image. Step back and stretch out. Ask yourself, what you notice now that you didn’t before?

This practice is like planting a seed. Keep watering it and it will grow. Things will arise. That’s how creation works. And with practice, you gain mastery.

Trust the process.

Tell me. How did this first practice impact you?