Do the exact opposite of what you normally do. I promise. You’ll find peace in the chaos of a busy day.

That is instead of running to stop. Seriously. To stop.

Only for a few minutes. That’s all you need to focus your attention on an activity that’s meaningful.

There’s an interesting phenomena that takes place. You run as fast as you can to get things done to get some peace. And, you don’t get any. And, all along, peace is here for you to experience any time.

All it takes is mindfulness.

I put together this short list of ways to find some because creativity plummets when you’re lost in days like that.

Take a print and keep it on your desk. To be playful, pick a number between 1 and 10 right now and do that one. Or, do whatever suits your need best at your own pace.

10 Easy Ways to Find Peace in a Busy Day

1. Push your chair back and take 5 long deep breaths

2. Think a kind thought for a minute about someone on your team

3. Imagine for a few minutes you’re in the most comforting place you’ve ever been

4. Take a short walk and don’t step on the cracks

5.  Write down 5 things you’re grateful for and why

6.  Draw a doodle of something that reminds you of peace

7.  Buy a gift card at the local cafe and give it to a stranger

8.  Take a minute to truly listen to someone without thinking of your response

9.  Do a slow sun salutation

10. Name something you carry a lot Peace (your computer, phone, purse, notebook)

These may seem like little practices. And, you know what they are. These little practices add up to a lot. You gain familiarity in finding peace within you not outside. It’s your choice.

I’d love to know which practice you picked. Please share in the comments.

I did number 6 in about 30 seconds. See!

I think I’ll draw this now on each note page I use today xo